SHIMLA - 7th December, 2023-Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla today released two books titled ‘Jungle Survival’ and ‘Dadi Maa Ki Kahaniyaan aur Kisse’ authored by Ravindra Singh Thakur at Raj Bhavan.

The Governor appreciated the efforts of the writer and said that the information in the book 'Jungle Survival' would prove to be useful in difficult situations.

Speaking about 'Dadi Maa Ki Kahaniyaan aur Kisse’ book, the governor said that the tips and inspirational thoughts, and the way of leading a life portrayed in the book would be a good guide for the future generations.

Ravindra Singh Thakur hails from Solan district. He has earlier published two books on Kunihar residents, 'Main aur Meri SSB' on freedom fighter Babu Kanshi Ram and 'Aparivartaneey Kshan' on Master Gauri Shankar.