Nirankari Mission takes the lead in combating social evils- Manohar Lal

Chief Minister Manohar Lal joins Sant Nirankari Mission's de-addiction campaign program

State Government dismantling drug peddlers' operations

Chief Minister Appeals to Youth: Strive for personal success and commit to social service

Chandigarh, December 2 - Haryana Chief Minister, Sh Manohar Lal said that Sant Nirankari Mission is playing an important role in the state government's ongoing endeavors to completely eradicate the social menace of drug addiction. He said that Haryana government is constantly engaged in dismantling the networks of drug smugglers.

The Chief Minister made these remarks while addressing the people, particularly the youth, during a program organized as part of the drug de-addiction campaign at the spiritual center of Sant Nirankari Mission near village Bhodwal Majri in district Panipat today. Satguru Sudiksha Ji Maharaj, the head of the mission, was also present on this occasion.

Addressing the youth and others present at the event, Chief Minister said that Nirankari Mission is continuously working to eradicate the evils prevalent in the society. He encouraged the youth to aspire to greater heights, emphasizing the importance of leveraging their skills and abilities. The Chief Minister also highlighted the challenges that arise when goals are not met, leading to stress. In such situations, he pointed out, associating with the wrong people and turning to drug consumption hinders progress. The menace of drug addiction has become worldwide, he added.

Social evil can be eradicated only with the cooperation of society

Sh Manohar Lal revealed that on his birthday, May 5, he took a solemn pledge to make the state drug-free by seeking the blessings of saints. Acknowledging that combating social evils, such as addiction, requires collaborative efforts, he stressed that the government alone cannot eliminate these issues, it necessitates the active participation of society. He urged the youth to contribute to dismantling the operations of drug smugglers. He encouraged them to report any information about drug smugglers promptly to the Narcotics Control Bureau. Assuring swift action, he asserted that the government would not hesitate to dismantle the networks of drug smugglers.

Hundreds tons of drug consignment seized and destroyed

The Chief Minister highlighted that in the ongoing efforts to dismantle the network of drug smugglers, the government has successfully seized and eradicated hundreds of tonnes of illicit drug consignments. The government remains dedicated in its commitment to disrupt the supply chain operated by these drug smugglers. Emphasizing the grave consequences of the drug trade, the Chief Minister noted that these smugglers not only jeopardize the well-being of the youth for financial gain but are also implicated in promoting anti-national activities such as terrorism. He underscored the critical importance of dismantling their operations and called for active cooperation from society to achieve this goal.

Chief Minister highlights crucial role of guiding youth to prevent drug addiction

The Chief Minister also emphasized the importance of standing alongside the youth and guiding them in the right direction to prevent them from falling into the abyss of drug addiction for any reason. If any youth has become addicted to drugs, then every section of the society should cooperate and bring them out of drug addiction through rehabilitation centres.

On this occasion, MP Sanjay Bhatia, Rajya Sabha MP Krishan Lal Panwar, BJP District President Dr Archana Gupta and other officials were present.


Viksit Bharat Sankalp Jansamvad Yatra Gains Tremendous Enthusiasm among the People of Haryana

Massive Turnout: Over 85,000 Individuals Pledge to Transform India into a Developed Nation by 2047 on the First Two Days of Yatra

Chandigarh, Dec 2 - Haryana, which has been at the forefront of implementing various schemes and programs initiated by the Central Government over the past nine years, is now actively participating in the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Jansamvad Yatra. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people in Haryana towards this yatra. About 85,000 individuals joined the yatra in the initial two days, pledging to contribute towards making India a developed nation by 2047.

Every citizen is experiencing a sense of pride as this yatra, initiated by Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi, strives to connect with the people and raise awareness. In accordance with the directives of Chief Minister Sh Manohar Lal, all departments are collaboratively engaging with the public. On December 1, 2023, various programs were conducted at the stopping points of the Yatra in 65 Gram Panchayats across Haryana, attracting the participation of about 40000 people. The active involvement of women in this endeavor is also gaining substantial support.

More than 4400 people were tested for TB

As part of the Prime Minister TB Free India Campaign, efforts are underway to establish Haryana as a tuberculosis-free state. Throughout this yatra, health check-ups were conducted for over 7,500 individuals. Moreover, more than 4,400 people underwent TB testing, with several being sent to public health facilities for further assistance. Consent is also being sought from individuals diagnosed with TB to facilitate their engagement with Nikshay Mitras for necessary support and guidance.

Farmers are being made aware of natural farming

Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi has outlined the four pillars of Amritkaal, comprising women power, youth power, agricultural strength (farmers), and the empowerment of the poor and middle class. It is believed that India will undoubtedly evolve into a developed nation based on the collective strength of these four pillars. As part of this initiative, the Haryana government is actively working to economically empower farmers by encouraging them to transition from cultivating traditional crops to adopting natural farming practices. As a part of this program, the Agriculture Department has established a dedicated counter to provide farmers with information on natural farming methods, subsidies, and other financial support and techniques offered by the government.

Meri Kahani-Meri Zubani becoming the center of attraction

During the yatra, the eligible beneficiaries who have availed the benefits of government schemes are sharing their success stories, inspiring others to avail the benefits of various Central and State Government schemes. The beneficiaries themselves are telling how they have made their lives easier by availing the benefits of schemes like Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, Viva Haryana Yojana, automatic pension through family identity card and ration card etc.


Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra-Jan Samvad’,programmes were organised in about half a dozen villages in Rewari district

Dr. Banwari Lal in the village of Bishnupur in the Bawal during the 'Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra - Jan Samvad

Education Minister Kanwar Pal inaugurated the 'Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra Jan Samvad' programme in the villages of Araiyanwala and Kalesar

Union Minister of State, Krishna Pal Gurjar, participated as the chief guest in the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra programme held in Jeevan Nagar

Chandigarh December 02- Under the "Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra-Jan Samvad," programmes were organised in about half a dozen villages in Rewari district on Saturday. Three promotional vehicles, equipped with welfare schemes of the Central and State Governments, followed a designated schedule and reached villages in various regions: Bairyavas in Rewari block, Kanwali in Dahina block, and Bisnupur in Bawal block. Additionally, the vehicles reached village Padaiyavas of Rewari block, village Dahina of Dahina block, and Mundanwas-Kamalpur in Bawal village.

During these visits, beneficiaries were informed about government initiatives and provided access to various services. Stalls and exhibitions set up by different departments not only disseminated information about these schemes but also offered health benefits to attendees.

The objective of the "Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra" is to ensure the comprehensive reach of key government initiatives across the nation. This endeavour aims to ensure timely and efficient delivery of these schemes to all intended beneficiaries.

Haryana Cooperation and Public Health Engineering Minister, Dr. Banwari Lal during the 'Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra - Jan Samvad’ organised in the village of Bishnapur in the Bawal region along with the MLA, Kosli, Sh. Laxman Singh Yadav, in the Dahina region, and Chairman, Haryana Tourism Corporation, Dr. Arvind Yadav enlightened and motivated the beneficiaries while administering the oath of ‘Hamara Sankalp Viksit Bharat’ to the attendees in villages: Kanwali in Dahina, and Bairyawas in Rewari.

During the event, Dr. Banwari Lal commended Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi and Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal for their unwavering commitment to improving those at the bottom of society. He emphasised that under this campaign, the government's welfare and ambitious plans are designated to reach the last person.

On this occasion, he administered an oath to the people, reaffirming their commitment to making India a developed nation and achieving self-reliance by 2047.

Minister of School Education, Forests, and Environment, Sh. Kanwar Pal inaugurated the 'Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra Jan Samvad' programme in the villages of Araiyanwala and Kalesar, located in the Pratap Nagar region on Saturday.

As the chief guest, the Minister encouraged the rural community to take advantage of the government's welfare schemes. He actively listened to the concerns of the villagers during the event and directed the relevant department officers to swiftly address these issues. Additionally, he reiterated the vision of building a self-reliant and developed India.

He said that through the Mukhyamantri Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yojana Initiatives have been undertaken to organise Antyodaya Fairs, facilitating access to loans for self-employment aimed at ensuring that every family earns a minimum income of at least Rs. 1 lakh 80 thousand annually.

These fairs have been important in providing individuals with opportunities for self-employment by enabling access to loans. The objective is to uplift families economically and ensure a sustainable income.

Candidates from Below Poverty Line (BPL) families earning less than Rs.1 lakh 80 thousand annually are being given priority in job placements through the Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam. Under the Antyodaya Parivar scheme, such candidates receive an additional five points in government job recruitments. This initiative aims to provide employment opportunities to those who do not currently hold government positions, ensuring that the government supports the impoverished by integrating them into self-employment ventures.

Union Minister of State for Heavy Industries Sh. Krishan Pal Gurjar, as the chief guest at the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Jan Samvaad Yatra programme held in Jeevan Nagar, Faridabad, today, addressed the attendees and announced the renaming of the vehicle used in the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra from 'Vikas Rath' to 'Modi ki Guarantee Vehicle.' He highlighted that the 'Modi ki Guarantee Vehicle' has already reached over 12,000 Gram Panchayats, connecting nearly 30 lakh citizens.

He also praised the participation of women in the "Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra and applauded citizens' commitment to the journey towards a developed India, encouraging them to uphold this commitment. He stated that through this journey, awareness would be raised among people regarding the 17 schemes of the Central Government and all state-level programmes.

He mentioned that the nationwide initiative, Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra-Jan Samvad program initiated by the Central Government, will engage the citizens in realising Prime Minister, Sh. Narendra Modi's vision of making India self-reliant and developed by 2047.

Apart from these locations, this initiative reached various villages in other districts of the state, benefiting people with information about government schemes.


Youth to play vital role in realizing the vision of a Developed India – Manohar Lal

Chief Minister engages with young adults, one of the four pillars of Amrit Kaal outlined by Prime Minister

22,000 youth actively participates in visionary discussion on nation's future path

Chandigarh, December 2 - Haryana Chief Minister, Sh Manohar Lal said that the youth, both within the state and the nation, will play an important role in realizing the vision of a ‘Developed India’ over the next 25 years.

The Chief Minister engaged via audio conferencing with young adults, one of the four pillars of Amrit Kaal outlined by Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, during ‘CM Ki Vishesh Charcha’ program here today. Approximately 22,000 enthusiastic youth actively participated in the discussion, sharing their perspectives on the future path of the nation. Additional Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister and Director General of the Information, Public Relations, Language, and Culture Department, Dr. Amit Agarwal was also present on this occasion.

Expressing confidence in the youth's ability to make significant contributions to the broader goal of fostering a prosperous and advanced India, Chief Minister underscored the immense power of the youth in accelerating economic development. To channel this potential positively, he said that several initiatives such as 'Make in India,' 'Skill India,' 'Digital India,' 'Standup India,' and 'Startup India,' have been launched by Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi. Commending these programs, he said that impact of these programs is evident in their success in creating employment opportunities for the youth, equipping them with the skills needed for self-employment, fostering digital proficiency, and empowering them to initiate and establish their own businesses.

Need to strengthen the Amrit Pillars for National progress

Wishing a prosperous future for the youth, Sh Manohar Lal expressed that to actualize Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi's vision of transforming India into a developed nation within the next 25 years of Amrit Kaal, it is imperative to strengthen the four Amrit Pillars, comprising our youth power, women power, farmers, and the middle and poor classes. Emphasizing the collective responsibility of each segment, he asserted that with every section fulfilling its role, India can confidently aspire to be among the forefront of developed nations by 2047.

State aims to skill every Youth by 2030

The Chief Minister highlighted that the new National Education Policy brings about a revolutionary change in the education sector, with a particular emphasis given on skill education spanning from schools to universities. The objective is to ensure that by 2030, every youth in the state not only attains education but also acquires essential skills. This dual focus aims to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and once achieved, will position Haryana on the path to meeting these global objectives by 2030.

Giving the basic mantras for success to the youth, the Chief Minister urged them to maintain a clear focus on their life goals, cultivate a positive mindset, practice discipline and patience, adopt a healthy lifestyle, optimize their use of time, and dedicate themselves to serving society and the nation. Seeking the youth's support in propelling the state and the country towards sustainable development over the next 25 years, the Chief Minister also inspired them to embrace and implement these guiding principles.

The practice of parchi-kharchi in government jobs eliminated

Sh Manohar Lal highlighted that the current government has transformed government job opportunities into a mission based on merit. Boosting the morale of the youth, the government has provided over 1.10 lakh government jobs solely on the basis of merit, without any costs or biases. Additionally, there is a provision to grant 5 extra marks to candidates from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in government job recruitments. He also shared the ambitious target of offering 60000 jobs this year, with ongoing recruitment processes for more than 41000 positions. Moreover, the government has initiated various schemes to facilitate employment for the youth in the private sector, resulting in approximately 32 lakh individuals securing jobs and opportunities for self-employment in the state.

He also mentioned the establishment of the Foreign Cooperation Department with the objective of facilitating education and employment opportunities in foreign countries. To assist youth seeking employment opportunities abroad, the government has streamlined the process by providing free passport services directly within colleges. The initiative has proven successful, with more than 27000 youth having received their passports through this program.

Initiate startup for agriculture based products also

He said that India is increasingly becoming a global hub for startups and research. In alignment with this trend, a new startup policy has been implemented in Haryana to foster a startup culture. Under this policy, the youth are being incentivized to establish their startups by offering financial and technical support. He encouraged the youth to explore the entrepreneurial landscape, especially in agriculture-based products, and urged them to strive for careers in research.

The Chief Minister emphasized the state government's effective measures in eliminating the 3-Cs of corruption, crime, and caste-based politics. This concerted effort aims to create a conducive environment for growth, development, and inclusive progress in the state.


*Haryana CM approves 13 new works under Rural Water Supply – State Plan worth over Rs. 28.46 crore*

Chandigarh, December 2 - Haryana Government has decided to implement 13 new projects worth over Rs. 28.46 crore under Rural Water Supply – State Plan in Fatehabad District.
Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal granted administrative approval today for these projects' that aim to modernize and strengthen water supply infrastructure in 14 villages, ensuring safe and sufficient drinking water for residents.

Giving more information in this regard, an official spokesperson said that new work under Rural Water Supply – State Plan includes Updating Water supply Scheme in Village Dariyapur, Distt. Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.11 crore, Updating Water supply Scheme in Village Gadli, Distt. Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.34 crore, Augumentation of water supply scheme, construction of Boosting station, repair of water works structures, Distribution system at village Jandli Khurd Tehsil, Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 2.11 crore, Providing and Replacement of Existing Distribution system and Repair of Water Works structures in village Alahawas at an estimated cost of Rs. 2.77 crore, Providing Independent Canal Based Water Works At Village Birabadi, Tehsil Ratia District Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 3.17 crore, Construction of sump well, providing and laying of rising main for assured raw water at water supply scheme Buwan Tehsil Tohana Distt. Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.86 crore.

The other projects are Construction Of Additional Boosting Station, Rising Main For Dadupur Dhani and Repair of Existing Structure Of Water Works At Village Dadupur, Tehsil Ratia, District Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.83 crore, Construction of Canal Based Water Works Baliyala for Group of 2 no. Village Baliyala and Bora Tehsil Ratia, District Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 7.23 crore, Providing and laying of Di Water Tohar Supply pipeline in various Streets of village Karandi Tehsil Tohana Distt. Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 23.32 lakh, Construction Of Independent Canal Based Water Works At Village Madh, Block Nagpur Tehsil Ratia, District Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 3.93 crore, Augmentation Of Water Supply Scheme Village Nangal, Tehsil Ratia District Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.04 crore, Providing and Laying of DI Water Supply pipeline in various streets of village Dulat Tehsil Tohana Distt. Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 24.35 lakh, Aug. of Water Supply Rati Scheme Rattakhera Tehsil Ratia Distt Fatehabad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.54 crore.


Ambala Residence of Home Minister Anil Vij Flooded with Hundreds of Complainants Seeking Justice

Many cases of kabootarbazi came to light, on which Home Minister Anil Vij handed over the investigation to SIT

Chandigarh Dec 2- These days, the Janata Darbar of Haryana's Home and Health Minister, Sh Anil Vij, is not being conducted. However, there is a continuous stream of complainants from across the state visiting his residence daily. On Saturday, hundreds of complainants arrived at Home Minister Anil Vij's Ambala residence seeking justice for their grievances. The Home Minister attentively listened to their complaints and issued directives for necessary actions to the concerned officials.

Many cases of kabootarbazi came to light during the public hearing, on which Home Minister Anil Vij handed over the investigation to the SIT constituted for this purpose.

A Karnal resident alleged that an agent deceived him into believing he was being sent to America. He mortgaged his land and paid the agent a total of Rs 75 lakh on different occasions. However, the agent subsequently absconded, and it was later discovered that the agent had left for America. Similarly, an individual from Kapurthala, Punjab, reported that the agent had initially demanded Rs 90 lakh to facilitate his journey to America. The amount was eventually settled at Rs 55 lakh, which the individual paid through various means. Instead of sending him to America, the agent arranged for the individual to go to Turkey. Subsequently, the agent's phone was switched off, and the individual was deported from Turkey. Additionally, a Karnal resident shared that the agent defrauded him of Rs 3.25 lakh with the promise of sending him to Armenia. Meanwhile, a person from Narayangarh accused the agent of cheating him out of Rs 2 lakh with the false promise of arranging his travel to New Zealand.

Home Minister Anil Vij has taken note of several murder cases, directing the SPs of various districts to establish Special Investigation Teams (SITs) for thorough investigations. A man from Mahendragarh expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of arrests in his brother's murder case. Similarly, a family from Kurukshetra reported that not only have the culprits in their son's murder case not been apprehended, but they are now facing threats from the accused. In response, the Home Minister has called for an action report from the SP and mandated an SIT to conduct a comprehensive investigation into these cases. Furthermore, members of the Baazigar community in Sirsa alleged that the suspects in a youth's murder case have not been arrested. The Home Minister has instructed the formation of an SIT to probe into this matter as well.

Additionally the Minister was also informed of several cases of land fraud. He directed inquiries into cases in Yamunanagar and Bhiwani where fake documents were used to seize land, and also ordered a state crime branch investigation into land fraud allegations in Bhiwani.

An ex-serviceman's son had been deceived of Rs 7 lakh in the name for getting a government job, and the Minister has directed SP Karnal to investigate. A former soldier from Karnal complained to Home Minister Anil Vij that the accused deceived him of Rs 7 lakh by promising his son a government job. After neither the job nor the money was given to the applicant, the minister directed Karnal SP to take action.

These cases, alongside threats of violence, physical assaults, noise complaints, property damages during excavation, and personal disputes leading to assaults were all brought to Minister Anil Vij's attention, prompting directives to authorities concerned for necessary actions.


Haryana Government Set Time Limits for Energy Department Services under Right to Services Act

Chandigarh, December 2 – The Haryana Government has set time limits for 21 services offered by the Energy Department under the Right to Services Act, 2014 in aiming to ensure a more efficient and accessible energy service delivery This information was given by the Chief Secretary Mr Sanjeev Kaushal here today.

These services encompass various aspects such as the issuance of Temporary or new connections, additional load, load reduction, change of name, relocation of meter/service connection/lines/equipment, normal fuse off calls, overhead line breakdowns, breakdowns due to pole breakage, distribution transformer failure, major power failures involving power transformers/equipment, scheduled outage periods, supply restoration, unscheduled load shedding, voltage fluctuations with no network expansion/enhancement involved, meter complaints, resolution of consumer complaints regarding billing issues (e.g., non-receipt, incorrect bills), reconnection of supply following disconnection due to non-payment of bills, issuance of no-dues certificates from the application date, and clearance of outstanding dues.

Redressal of Consumer Complaints:

Billing Complaints: Complaints related to billing, such as non-receipt of bills or incorrect charges, will be addressed within seven days of receipt. If additional information is required, the consumer will be promptly notified.

Reconnection of Supply: Reconnection of supply, following disconnection due to nonpayment of bills (for disconnections less than six months old), will be carried out within six hours in urban areas and within 12 hours in rural areas, provided the meter or line has not been removed. In cases where the meter has been removed, reconnection will take place within 30 days.

Issue of No Dues Certificate: The issuance of a no dues certificate will be completed within seven days of application and clearance of outstanding dues, if any.

Disconnection Upon Request: Disconnection upon request will be processed within seven days.

Refund of Deposits: Refunds for advance consumption deposits, consumption security deposits, or meter security deposits upon account closure will be initiated within 30 days after adjusting all dues.

Time Limit for Meter Complaints

(a) Inspect and Check Correctness: Ensure the accuracy of whole current meters by conducting inspections and checks within three days of receiving an application.

(b) Replacement of Malfunctioning Meters: In urban areas, promptly replace slow, fast, creeping, or stuck whole current meters within three days. In rural areas, undertake replacements within seven days.

(c) Replacement of Burnt Meters: Swiftly replace burnt whole current meters within three days of receiving an application

The time limit for normal fuse off calls in urban areas will be 4 hours, while in rural areas it will be within 16 hours. When breakage of poles leads to overhead line breakdowns in urban areas, the resolution time is set at 12 hours, contrasting with rural areas where it extends to 48 hours. For underground cable breakdowns, both cities and towns, as well as rural areas, have a 48-hour resolution window. Distribution transformer failures in urban areas will be addressed within 24 hours. Major power failures involving transformers or equipment will be resolved within 7 days, with alternate arrangements made within 24 hours, wherever feasible. The maximum duration for a single stretch of scheduled outage will not exceed 8 hours on any given day, and power supply will be restored by 6 PM. It's important to note that local field officials are not accountable for power outages caused by shortages or grid issues. However, they bear responsibility for scheduled cuts or shutdowns conducted for system maintenance, repair, or extension. Unscheduled load shedding is capped at 4 hours daily. Voltage fluctuations, with no expansion or enhancement of the network, will be rectified within 4 hours in cities and towns and within 8 hours in rural areas.

"For temporary connections, the time limit for LT supply has been fixed at 19 days, for 11 KV supply at 33 days, and for 33 KV level connection at 117 days. The process of releasing a new connection or additional load for LT supply will take 37 days, 78 days for 11 KV supply, 104 days for 33 KV supply, and 174 days for above 33 KV supply. All time limits are calculated from the receipt of a complete application, charges, and documents.

Reduction of load, where no change in CTs/PTs/Transformers is required, will be completed within 21 days. Approval and intimation of charges for a change of name will be done within 7 days from the receipt of a complete application along with prescribed charges. Effecting of a change of name after acceptance of the application will be done within two billing cycles.

Shifting of meter/service connection, for LT supply will be done within 21 days, for 11 KV within 28 days, and for 33 KV within 34 days. Shifting of LT/HT KV lines, for LT supply will be done within 21 days, for 11 KV within 41 days, and for 33 KV within 47 days. The time limit for shifting of transformers will be 51 days.