Mahendergarh 20.11.23- On Monday National Library Week from 20th-24th November 2023 was organized at CUH with the blessings and direction of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar. More than 60 students from various Departments of the University participated in the event. The University Librarian Dr. Santosh Hulagabali, conveyed his best wishes for the event and told how books and colors prove helpful in keeping us organized.
The coordinator of the event, Information Scientist, Dr. Vinita Malik also informed that that how to quick access to that page with the help of bookmarks. The markers save time of the reader. The Deputy Librarian, Dr. Rajeev Vashistha shared the rules of the competition to all the participants. He also shared that the knowledge about the bookmarks that how they are relevant in accessing books information. Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh, Assistant librarian also shared his viewpoint regarding the importance of book marks and coordinated the program well. The prizes and certificates were also awarded for motivation by the judge of the event, Dr. Shri Ram Pandey, Dept. of Library and Information Science and Dr. Swati Chowdhary, Dept. of Physical Education.