Chandigarh, 20th November 2023: The wait is over!! Zee Punjabi will present its much-anticipated show, "Gal Mithi Mithi," which is set to premiere today at 7 pm. This delightful series invites viewers into a world brimming with love and sweetness, promising to touch every heart and home.

"Gal Mithi Mithi" follows the extraordinary journey of two contrasting yet intertwined souls, Ranveer and Reet. Ranveer, an industrious architect with a stubborn deharbors meanour, holds deep affection for his grandfather but harbours an aversion to sweets. Meanwhile, Reet, a vibrant and dedicated young entrepreneur, embodies the sweetness she spreads through her door-to-door sweet treats reminiscent of Toshe.

This captivating narrative showcases the collision of their worlds, promising a blend of emotions, laughter, and heartwarming moments. Tune in at 7 pm to witness the magic unfold and experience the sweetness of "Gal Mithi Mithi" only on Zee Punjabi.