Chandigarh, September 25:- Reiterating its commitment to the well-being of its Safaimitras and improving their working conditions, who are an integral part of the city’s sanitation workforce, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh has provided them the state-of-the-art Sanitation Booth in village Sarangpur.

City Mayor Sh. Anup Gupta formally inaugurated the sanitation booth under Swachhata Pakhwara -"Swachhata Hi Sewa" campaign in the presence of Municipal Commissioner Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, Area Councillor Sh. Ram Chander Yadav and prominent persons of local area. The Mayor said that this initiative was a major boost to the morale of the safaimitras, who have been working tirelessly to keep the city clean despite challenging circumstances.

He said that the newly inaugurated Sanitation Booth is equipped with modern facilities that provided a safe and healthy environment for the safaimitras to carry out their routine job work. This booth has been designed to provide shelter from extreme weather conditions, protecting them from harsh sunlight, heavy rains, and biting cold during winters.

He said that the booth has also been equipped with necessary amenities such as drinking water, first aid kits, and proper lighting, ensuring that the safaimitras can work comfortably throughout the day. The new Sanitation Booth is a testament to MCC’s commitment to providing better working conditions for its safaimitras, said the Mayor.

The Mayor further said that it demonstrates the MCC’s recognition of their hard work and dedication toward maintaining the city’s cleanliness. By providing them with modern facilities, MCC aims to enhance their productivity and motivation, ultimately leading to improved sanitation services for the residents of Chandigarh, the Mayor said.

The Mayor also emphasized the importance of the role played by safaimitras in keeping the city clean and tidy. He expressed gratitude to the safai mitras for their relentless efforts and assured them that MCC will continue to support and empower them in every possible way.