Chandigarh September 25, 2023-In a dazzling display of creativity and sustainability, students from the University Institute of Fashion Technology & Vocational Development at Panjab University came together for a spectacular Flash Mob event. Around 40 students enthusiastically participated in this innovative initiative under the guidance of Dr. Anu H. Gupta and Ms. Kirti Sheoran.

Dr. Anu H. Gupta, Chairperson, UIFT & VD emphasized the importance of sustainable fashion in today’s world. She stated, “Our students have worked tirelessly to create garments that not only showcase their design prowess but also reflect their dedication to reducing fashion’s environmental footprint. We believe that fashion can be beautiful and eco-friendly, and this event is a testament to that belief.” This show was an outcome of a workshop “Zero and Minimal Waste Design” led by guest faculty, Ms. KirtiSheoran.

During the workshop, students explored sustainable design principles, showcasing their creativity through innovative projects. Some utilized eco-printing with real flowers, while others crafted elegant outfits from repurposed bed sheets, embellishing them with traditional Panjabi embroidery. A few students even 'ventured into reversible clothing, highlighting their versatility and commitment to eco-friendly fashion.

Ms. Kirtiadded, “It’s inspiring to see the younger generation embrace sustainability in such a creative manner. The students have ingeniously repurposed materials to craft stunning garments that send a powerful message about responsible fashion.”