*After G20, now Kejriwal Government to give a new look to whole Delhi, PWD Minister Atishi continues inspection on the ground
*On the directions of CM Arvind Kejriwal, PWD Minister Atishi inspects Shankar Road and Pusa Road with officials
*PWD Minister directs officials to prioritize horticulture along roads, emphasizes regular plantation maintenance
*Footpaths will be repaired and given a uniform look; central verges will be adorned with various types of beautiful plants- PWD Minister Atishi
*Roads will be given a spectacular new look with blacktopping, standard road marking and LED lighting as per global street design standards- PWD Minister
*Be it central Delhi or a village on the outskirts of Delhi, roads in every area will get a world-class makeover soon- PWD Minister Atishi
*Roads will be redesigned on the lines of G20 designated areas, with special attention given to cleanliness and maintenance- PWD Minister Atishi
NEW DELHI-- 18TH SEPTEMBER, 2023-The Kejriwal Government is preparing on a war footing to transform Delhi on the lines of G20 designated areas. Continuing her inspections in this regard, on the directions of CM Arvind Kejriwal, PWD Minister Atishi visited Shankar Road and Pusa Road with officials on Monday. During the inspection, she directed the officials to work towards redesigning Delhi roads and making them clean, beautiful and user-friendly.
The PWD Minister said, “Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has promised the people of Delhi that, just like certain parts of Delhi were given a splendid makeover during the G-20 summit, now the entire city's roads will be transformed into something magnificent. We will beautify the entire Delhi, and every Delhiite will take pride in it."
She said that we are inspecting these roads and reviewing how the roads here can be improved, how the footpaths can be given a new look, and how the entire stretch can be beautified with horticulture. This will help us redesign Delhi roads better and as per the requirements of the users.
Atishi directed the officials to pay attention to all the details in the process of improving the roads, enhancing their beauty, and taking every necessary step for their enhancement. She also emphasized the importance of horticulture on the roads and instructed that tree pruning be carried out as needed. She stated that we want to provide the people of Delhi with world-class road experiences, ensuring they have a splendid experience walking on the roads.
The PWD Minister stated that the beauty of Delhi, which the entire world witnessed during the G-20 summit, will now be extended to every nook and corner of Delhi. Whether it's the markets of Central Delhi or the villages on the outskirts of the capital, we will give a makeover to every part of the city.
*PWD Minister’s direction to the department officials for giving makeover to Delhi Roads*
-> Blacktopping of roads should be carried out.
-> Roads should be redesigned as per the need.
-> Road marking should be done to standard specifications.
-> Footpaths should be repaired and improved as required.
-> Special attention should be given to horticulture.
-> Central verges should be made more beautiful.
-> Street furniture should be installed according to design and location.
-> Regular pruning of trees should be done.
-> Drainage systems should be improved.
-> Where needed, curbstones should be replaced and painted.
-> Railings should be painted.
-> Mechanized Road Sweeping should be done.
-> Better management of streetlights should be ensured.
-> Signboards should be installed.
*Kejriwal Government Schools transforming education with innovative tech-driven teaching-learning methods*
*Technological intervention revolutionizing classroom dynamics, leaving lecture-based and rote learning methods behind*
*Education Minister Atishi inspects the unique learning process in SKV Arambagh and discusses its experience with the children*
*When students are actively involved in their learning process, they develop a deeper understanding of subjects and build lifelong skills- Education Minister Atishi*
*Assessment is fun in these classes, children love to participate in self paced assessment*
*Engagement and interest of children in learning is proof that DoE is working in the right direction- Education Minister Atishi*
*School Assessment- The adoption of innovative tech driven teaching learning methods have led to an increase in children's attendance by 7 to 10%*
*Currently, all Sarvodaya schools of the Delhi Government are participating in this program*
*NEW DELHI* 18.09.23-The Kejriwal Government's commitment to revolutionizing education is taking a giant leap with the introduction of innovative tech-driven learning processes in Delhi government schools. In view of the same Sarvodaya schools have adopted an unique tech driven teaching learning method.
Education Minister Atishi, on Monday, visited Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Arambagh, to witness firsthand the remarkable impact of this unique teaching-learning method on students and interacted with them. After a pilot, this learning process has been introduced in all Sarvodaya schools of the Delhi government.
The innovative learning process introduced by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Government, is a technological intervention that follows the curiosity-based approach to learning, encouraging students to delve deeper into subjects and learn through methods of peer correction and self-correction. This learning process reimagines traditional classroom dynamics, fostering an environment that captivates students' attention, making learning not just informative but also engaging and fun.
The Education Minister interacted with students to understand their experiences and said, "Innovative tech driven teaching-learning methods can be a game-changer for our education system. It places students at the center of their learning journey, empowering them to explore and excel at their own pace. This innovative approach not only enhances subject engagement but also nurtures various critical skills. It helps students get rid of rote learning processes."
She further stated that this process not only maintains children's interest throughout the entire learning process but also involves continuous assessments at every stage, enabling teachers to understand children's learning needs and make adjustments in their teaching methods. The engagement and interest of children in learning are proof that DoE is working in the right direction.
Atishi mentioned that when learning becomes understanding-based rather than rote memorization, children's interest increases, and we have also seen the results of this unique learning process where not only have children's participation in the classroom increased but there has also been approximately 7 to 10% rise in classroom attendance.
"By introducing such innovative learning methods, our aim is to make education exciting and motivating for every student. We believe that when students are actively involved in their learning, they develop a deeper understanding of subjects and build lifelong skills," said Atishi.
It is to be note that Kant Learning is a high engagement immersive learning process developed by a US based IITian, Hridayesh Kant. It is an engineered solution to the last mile problem of education delivery at any level. The underlying principle of this process is to harness students' energy and interest, promote peer learning, enhance assessments, and cultivate a sense of healthy competition within the classroom.
*How does this innovative learning process works?*
-> Students are seated in front of TVs in an ordered fashion. Seating order is reflected on a leader board next to TVs.
-> There are multiple TVs with scripts of increasing levels of difficulty.
-> Students check answers of each other as directed by TV scripts.
-> Winners are moved up on leader boards and their seats are also exchanged.
-> As students reach the top of the leader board, they are moved to the next TV with a higher level of difficulty.