Delhi Village Development Board sanctions 118 new schemes worth 242 crores
*Delhi Development Minister Gopal Rai chairs Delhi Village Development Board meeting at Delhi Secretariat*
*Orders issued to officers to complete village development projects within the stipulated time- Gopal Rai*
*Orders to officials to submit reports with geotagged photos of completed projects - Gopal Rai*
*Kejriwal government is committed to providing all facilities to the people living in rural areas- Gopal Rai*
*New Delhi:*25.05.23-Today, under the chairmanship of Delhi's Development Minister Shri Gopal Rai, a meeting of the Village Development Board was organized at the Delhi Secretariat to speed up the development works in the villages of Delhi. To ensure development in the villages of the capital, the Delhi Village Development Board has approved 118 schemes worth Rs. 242.12 crore. Development works related to roads, drains, water bodies, community centers, parks, crematoriums, sports grounds etc. will be completed. During the board meeting, all the officers were instructed to complete the village development projects within the stipulated time frame. Furthermore, they were directed to submit reports with geotagged images of completed projects.
The Board members also raised the issue of pending and new proposals for development projects. Pursuant to this meeting, Shri Gopal Rai said, “To ensure development in the villages of Delhi, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal had formed the Delhi Village Development Board. In today's meeting, 118 new projects worth Rs 242.12 crore have been approved for the development of the villages of Delhi, so as to provide better amenities in all the villages of Delhi. Moreover, the officers of all the departments have been instructed to complete the project files related to rural development within the time limit and submit reports with geotagged photos of the completed projects.”
Shri Gopal Rai further stated, “The government is dedicated to furnishing fundamental amenities to the inhabitants of Delhi residing in metropolitan and rural areas. These village development works will be being done through Irrigation and Flood Control Department, MCD and other government departments.”
*Works of Village Development Project:*
• Construction of link roads and village roads in the villages of Delhi.
• Development of ponds/water bodies.
• Development of parks, crematoriums, sports grounds, gymnasiums, libraries in village
• Construction of drainage facilities
• Construction, repair and maintenance of Choupals, Barat Ghar, Community Center, etc.
• Other need based works like drinking water facility, street lights etc.

Kejriwal Government provides ex-gratia amount of Rs 1 crore to the family of deceased COVID warrior
*Cabinet Ministers Imran Hussain & Raaj Kumar Anand meet with kin of COVID warrior Ravi Kumar*
*Kejriwal government stands with families of COVID warriors who sacrificed their lives for society and humanity – Imran Hussain*
*Ex-gratia amount cannot compensate the family’s loss but will help them lead a dignified life — Imran Hussain*
NEW DELHI –25.05./23-Under the Kejriwal Government's scheme to honour COVID warriors, Cabinet Ministers Shri Imran Hussain handed over a cheque of Rs 1 crore to the family of the deceased COVID warrior Late Shri Ravi Kumar. The F&S Minister visited the residence of the Late Shri Ravi Kumar at West Patel Nagar on Thursday, along with the constituency MLA and Minister Social Welfare Shri Raaj Kumar Anand, concerned District Magistrate , the SDM and senior officers of Revenue Department, and handed over a cheque of Rs. one crore to the family of deceased COVID Warrior.
Late Shri Ravi Kumar was aged about 32 years and his first posting was as a Junior Assistant at Acharyashree Bhikshu Government Hospital, Government of Delhi. He had been diligently performing his duties during the COVID-19 pandemic when he unfortunately contracted the virus. The Kejriwal Government honoured his sacrifice in the line of duty by granting his family an ex gratia sum of Rs 1 crore for his contribution. Late Shri Ravi Kumar is survived by his wife and one daughter, along with aged parents.
While handing over the cheque to the family, Shri Imran Hussain said, “The COVID warriors worked with dedication and without worrying about their own lives during the pandemic to ensure the safety of citizens. The country salutes these brave COVID warriors for their sacrifice. We promise that we will never forget the courage and sacrifice of these COVID warriors, The Kejriwal government will always stand by their families in every situation.”
Shri Imran Hussain also assured the family of the deceased Warrior that the Delhi Government would render all possible help to the family, and that the local MLA and Social Welfare Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand too will always be available for any further assistance.
Shri Imran Hussain emphasised that Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal and his government will always stand with the families of COVID warriors. This scheme for families of COVID warriors will give confidence to them that the government and society will always stand with them and remember their family member's sacrifice. Certainly, the loss of the families of deceased COVID warriors cannot be compensated by this amount, but it will certainly be a means for their families to lead a dignified life.
Labour Minister Raaj Kumar Anand conducts a surprise inspection at the Labour Office West District at Karamprura
*Labour Minister Raaj Kumar Anand personally listens to labourers' pleas, reviews pending cases, directs department officers to expedite speedy claim disbursal process*
*Reformed SOP would be formulated shortly to disburse all claims of construction workers quickly – Raaj Kumar Anand*
*Labour Minister Raaj Kumar Anand also visited the Labour Court to ensure labourers do not have to move from pillar to post for their hearings*
*Under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government is actively working to provide welfare to all construction workers and labourers*
NEW DELHI-25.05.23-Labour Minister Shri Raaj Kumar Anand conducted a surprise inspection at the Karampura Labour Office, where he attentively listened to the pleas of the construction workers. The Minister was accompanied by the Additional Labour Commissioner, Deputy Labour Commissioner, and Deputy Secretary of the Labour Department during the visit.
Shri Raaj Kumar Anand, the Labour Minister, personally engaged with the labourers and took decisive measures to address their issues. During the inspection, he instructed the District Claim Manager to present the files containing pending cases of the labourers. Upon reviewing these files, he noticed that several claims had been rejected. The primary reasons cited for these rejections were non-receipt of letters or the unavailability of the concerned labourer via phone. Upon learning this, Shri Anand promptly contacted the labourer in question, who answered the call. This incident led the Minister to reprimand the Officers of the Labour Department and urge them to work more efficiently in resolving the claims.
Furthermore, Shri Raaj Kumar Anand conversed with the labourers whose claims had been disbursed, inquiring whether they were subjected to any demands for bribes during the process. The workers informed him that the claim resolution process was conducted fairly, without any requirement for monetary contributions. While listening to the grievances of construction workers waiting in queues at the office, Shri Anand directed the office staff to consistently give the workers the benefit of the doubt when making decisions related to welfare schemes. He also instructed the staff to always contact the worker in case of any minor deficiencies in the application forms.
Under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government is working tirelessly around the clock to provide welfare to all construction workers and labourers.