CHANDIGARH,24.05.23-St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School marked yet another significant day in their calendar by hosting a Declamation Contest for the various government schools falling under different clusters. The event was organized by the Chandigarh Commission for Protection of Child’s Rights and was an extension of the month long celebration of the International Earth Day.

G-20 Presidency along with the attainability of SDGs towards making Chandigarh a child friendly city,Ms. Harjinder Kaur, Chairperson, CCPCR graced the occasion, who shared that she strongly believes in the strong potential of children who can make quintessential contributions and steer the world towards creating a green and a happy planet for all.

The event witnessed fourteen shortlisted students from eleven different government schools under various clusters voicing their thoughts and invoking the audience to rise and act to save Mother Earth before it is too late. The students roused the emotions of the entire crowd as they shared quotes and slogans, compelling everyone to become the propeller for change and not wait for others to do the same.

At the end of the nail biting competition, three most deserving students emerged victorious and were awarded for their accomplishment. All participating students were also presented with participating certificates.

Ms. Harjinder Kaur conducted an open hearted and thought provoking conversation with the students, wherein she asked them to share how as an individual they can play substantial role to implement sustainable practices to save the environment. Ma’am lauded the efforts of St. Joseph School for its noteworthy efforts to make teaching a rewarding experience for the children after she visited the toys exhibits used as teaching aids.

The Principal, Ms. Monica Chawla congratulated the winners and shared with them techniques and tactics for becoming eloquent orators. She urged the students to adopt sustainable ways of life to mitigate the negative impacts of human activities on the planet and protect biodiversity and combat climate change.