MAHENDERGARH,23.05.23-The book published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK entitled “Integrated Waste Management: The Circular Economy” edited by Dr. Mona Sharma, Head, Department of Environmental Studies, Central University of Haryana (CUH), Mahendergarh and Dr. Hema Diwan from National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India was released by Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Haryana.

While complimenting the editors, Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar remarked that, this book is very informative and demanding as a circular economy, the need of the hour. This circular economy concept aims at transforming waste back to a resource, by following the trend of extracting, processing, using and then disposing of raw materials, with the vital goal of preserving and conserving natural resources while maintaining the economic growth and minimizing the environmental degradation. This book is very relevant for the academic professionals working in the area of waste management and circular economy.

While presenting the first copy of the book to Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar, the Editor of the book, Dr. Mona Sharma mentioned that this book covers the circular economy as a model of production and consumption of the goods, which involves sharing, leasing, repairing, reusing, recycling, refurbishing of existing products as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended and minimizes the waste.

On this occasion, Prof. Neelam Sangwan, Dean Research and SIAS, Dr. Vikram Singh, Dr. Smita, Dr. Anoop Yadav, Dr. Bhupendra Pratap Singh and Dr. Manoj Kumar from Department of Environmental Studies were also present.