Chandigarh, 09.05.23- Col Gursewak Singh PRESIDENT RWA-MHC SECTOR-13 CHANDIGARH said "There is a long felt need of a walking track for residents of MHC. In absence of any suitable place for walking, residents of some 3300 Dwelling Units of MHC, Rajeev Vihar and Uppal Marble Arch are obliged to take a walk either on narrow residential roads or in different neibourhood parks".

Col Gursewak Singh " Walking on such roads is fraught with danger. There is always a risk of accident on account of heavy vehicular traffic. Secondly, residents run the risk of dog bites, of which there have been numerous cases."said by Col Gursewak Singh.

"Parks in MHC are too small for walking apart from being over- crowded due to a high density of population"expressed by Col.President.

Colonel Singh proposed "Out of a vast belt of Government land lying vacant adjoining MHC and facing Uppal Mable Arch, a small part of it could be converted to a walking track. In case some other project is being planned in this area, let the residents use this vacant land as a walking track till work on such projects actually starts".

An early action would redress the long pending grievances of the residents of this area may be redressed.