Chandigarh, 29th March 2023: During the previous episode we saw that Araj and Diya decide to sleep in the same bed so that Madhvi does not suspect anything suspicious between them.

In the show "Sanjha Sufna", Diya tries to make a place in the family by overcoming every obstacle, meanwhile, Biji suggests Diya go closer to Araj so that their relationship becomes stronger. To achieve her purpose in the house Madhvi gives another challenge when she asks Diya to inherit the house. Diya tries to get close to Araj at Biji's request but Araj gets angry with her. Despite this, Diya is seen in distress when she learns the truth of Arj's past from Biji.

Will this truth break the relationship between Araj and Diya? What will happen when Diya gets to know about Araj's past? To know what will happen next between them, watch "Sanjha Sufna" at 7:30 PM only on Zee