*On the directions of CM Arvind Kejriwal, Education Minister Atishi inspects newly constructed state-of-the-art Delhi Govt School in Libaspur, Badli
*The ultra-modern government school building in Libaspur village is the result of the Kejriwal Government’s priority and dedication towards education - Atishi
*This magnificent temple of education is being built for thousands of children in Libaspur village and nearby areas; admissions will start from upcoming session- Atishi
*With world-class excellent schools, the Kejriwal government has given assurance to the parents of Delhi that finances will never become a barrier in the way of quality education for their children – Atishi
*By providing world-class education to the children from underprivileged background, we are fulfilling CM Arvind Kejriwal's vision of changing the country through education - Atishi
*This 4-storey school with 127 rooms is equipped with smart classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, 2 libraries and other world-class facilities; it also has a lift for the children in the school
*Delhi Government is also planning to build a world-class indoor sports complex in the school premises
NEW DELHI: 27TH MARCH, 2023-On the directions of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, continuing her inspections of newly built Delhi government schools across the capital, Education Minister Ms Atishi inspected another state-of-the-art government school on Monday. This 4-storey school in Libaspur village of Badli that has been constructed recently is no less than a magnificent building of a multinational company. It is equipped with 127 classrooms, 8 labs, 2 libraries, MP Hall with a capacity of 250 children, etc. Along with this, there is also a plan to build an indoor sports complex in this school in the future. During the inspection of the school along with the officials of PWD and the Education Department, the officials said that the construction work of the school is near completion and will be wrapped up in 2-3 weeks.
On this occasion, Education Minister Ms Atishi said, “This newly constructed school of the Delhi Government in Libaspur village of Badli is like a building of an MNC. This magnificent state-of-the-art school is the result of the Government’s priority and dedication towards education. Before the Kejriwal Government came into power in 2015, the government schools in Delhi were in a dilapidated condition, with broken walls and dark rooms, which resulted in the loss of children's future prospects. However, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal made education a priority, and as a result, magnificent government schools are being constructed in Delhi's villages. These schools will provide world-class education to children from all sections of society, regardless of their economic background.”
Ms Atishi further added that it is the vision of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal to transform the country through education. She said that this vision would be fulfilled only when a child from an underprivileged background gets the same facilities as their counterparts from an economically affluent background. This change has begun by making Delhi government schools world-class. The government, with its state-of-the-art schools, has given the assurance to parents that finances will never become a barrier in the way of quality education.
The Education Minister directed the PWD officials to complete the finishing work as soon as possible so that the classes can start from this session in this temple of education.
It is to be noted that the recently constructed four-storey school in Libaspur village of Badli constituency has been divided into three blocks and is equipped with 127 classrooms. The school features state-of-the-art science labs, two libraries, computer labs, lifts for children, and other modern amenities. Additionally, the government has plans to build a world-class indoor sports complex on the school premises itself.
CM Arvind Kejriwal orders Delhi Electric Regulatory Commission to conduct CAG audit of DISCOMs- Atishi
*Why has the LG removed experts in the power sector and the best chartered accountants of the country from the boards of power companies? Is there collusion between the LG, the officers and the DISCOMs? - Atishi*
*Why is the file related to free electricity not being shown to the elected government of Delhi? Is there any collusion between the officials and the power companies, with the blessings of the LG?: Atishi*
*This special audit of power discoms will expose any potential conspiracies by the LG and concerned Delhi Govt officials, aimed at shutting down free power supply for residents of Delhi: Atishi*
*Kejriwal government will foil every conspiracy and continue providing free electricity in Delhi: Atishi*
NEW DELHI :27.03.23-Power Minister Ms Atishi revealed that a conspiracy is being hatched to stop the free electricity scheme that the Kejriwal government is providing to the people of Delhi. The scheme, which has been a huge success, is being obstructed by some officials in connivance with the Lt. Governor. To investigate the matter further and to find out the truth behind this conspiracy, on the instructions of CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal, a special audit of the accounts of all the electricity companies of Delhi for the last 8 years will be conducted by the CAG auditor. It has been revealed that the officials have removed experts appointed by the government on the boards of power companies in a hurry. This move has raised questions about the nexus between the officials of LG and the power companies. Power Minister Ms Atishi has raised concerns about why the country's best chartered accountants and power sector experts were removed from the boards of power companies.
Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Power Minister Ms Atishi said, "Why is the file related to free electricity not being shown to the elected government of Delhi? Are the LG and the officials conniving with the power companies and hatching some big conspiracy?"
The Kejriwal government has been providing free electricity to the people of Delhi, which has been a major factor in the government's success. The government has been working hard to ensure that this scheme is continued and that the people of Delhi receive the benefits they are entitled to. The special audit will uncover the truth behind the conspiracy to stop the free electricity scheme and bring those responsible to justice. The people of Delhi can rest assured that the government will do everything in its power to ensure that they continue to receive free electricity, Ms Atishi said.
Ms Atishi said that a special audit of power companies will expose the conspiracies to stop the free electricity being given to the people of Delhi by the Kejriwal government. It will be clear from the special audit that the money given to the power companies for free electricity has not been misused, she added.
The recent revelations about the free electricity scheme in Delhi have raised serious concerns. The file related to the scheme, which came out from the LG office 15 days ago, has yet to reach the Chief Minister, Electricity Minister, or the cabinet. This delay is highly suspicious and suggests that a significant conspiracy is underway to obstruct the provision of free electricity to the people of Delhi. "The deliberate hiding of such an essential file from the Chief Minister and the cabinet raises alarming questions. Why are some officials preventing the file from reaching the concerned authorities? Is there any attempt to prevent the continuation of the free electricity scheme in Delhi?," Ms Atishi said.
The Power Minister also revealed that the LG and his officials forcibly removed the experts appointed by the Delhi government on the board of power companies in December. These experts included policy experts and electricity sector experts, as well as the best chartered accountants in the country. This move raises serious questions about the motives behind these removals. The circumstances surrounding the removals suggest a larger conspiracy at play. "Why did the LG instruct the removal of these experts, who were appointed by the elected government? What role did the officers of the Delhi government, including the Chief Secretary and Power Secretary, play in the removal of these experts? Is there a nexus between these officers and the power companies?," she said.
These questions have led to doubts about the possible nexus between the LG, his officials, and the power companies. Additionally, the delay in sharing an important file related to the free electricity scheme with the Chief Minister, Electricity Minister, and the cabinet further raises suspicions of a coordinated effort to obstruct the scheme.
Ms Atishi reiterated the Kejriwal government's commitment to providing 24-hour free electricity to the people of Delhi. She also made it clear that any attempts to hinder this scheme will not be successful.
The audit, which will be conducted by auditors included in the panel of CAG, will examine the accounts of the electricity companies over the past 8 years. It will investigate how the money provided by the Delhi government to the power companies was used, and whether any officers or directors appointed had any nexus with the power companies. The special audit will unearth any such nexus and provide a clear understanding of the functioning of the power companies in Delhi. It is imperative that the audit is conducted to ensure that the free electricity scheme is not compromised by any vested interests or hidden agendas.