CHANDIGARH,25.04.23-Fashion Modelling had been Sam Rattan’s passion and She did lot of hard work to be perfect in this field , resulting in her innovative actions on the Ramp had made her one of the top Model of the Region.

Sam Rattan gives credit to environments of Chandigarh, a Modern City of India, where she was born, brought up and educated, surrounding of which inspired her to attain a well-known name in the race of Fashion modelling and Acting.
In an interview Sam Rattan disclosed that she had performed in many runway fashion shows , shoots , Punjabi Songs in past and number of important modelling events are presently in negotiations and an amazing vlogs on “ The Glamour world” could be made by her focusing, Travelling , Funny Stories, all this she could make due to her achievements to win Fashion Awards Shows & Shoots and her day to day activities were placed on her YouTube channel “Sam Rattan NY”
Sam rattan also says in her interaction that The time has come when she as a successful Model had been requested to nourish the talent of modelling in their young girls of today age, when Sam counsel them by giving important tips of modelling. But Sam claims that art of Modelling can be learnt by young and enthusitic girls by practising on Ramp, so that their beautiful faces with attractive physique may be trained to become famous in this field.
Sam also advocates that if Height, Weight, Measurements and Facile Charm is God Gifted, then the willingness to involve in the field to gain the status of a perfect Model can be blessed