Chandigarh December 28, 2022-Girls hostel 1 and 2 jointly commemorated the Shahidi diwas of Mata gujri ji on 27th December, 2022.

Followed by Shahadat of Chhote Sahibzade ji mata Gujri ji had left for heavenly abode on 27th December 1704.

The event begun by recitation of Sukhmani Sahib followed by a short movie on the Inspiring life and trials of Mata Gujri ji. Residents recited poems on Mata Gujri and her unshakable faith in Sikhism and it's teachings.

The event was followed by Ardas and sharing of these beautiful lines by a resident-

Gujri lok mainu tahio aakhde ne,

Jehdi aai sir te , oh mai jhall gujri"