CHANDIGARH,9 December 2022 | We observe in the television program "Dildariyan" that Amber and Avni's fate forces them to cross paths often. We will witness today how Amber and Avni, who perceive each other as rivals, coincidentally find themselves in a new situation.

Everyone is aware that these two don't want to run into one another, but fate brings them together yet again. As always, their argument turns results in a big new problem, this time the two will be stuck in an elevator in today's episode. on the other hand, Avni will lose her new job since Amber is so annoyed by her banter. When Avni learns she has been fired from her work, she is shocked.

What will Avni's response be when she loses her job? Keep watching "Dildariyan" at 7:30 pm on Zee Punjabi to find out what is written in these two's fate.