Chandigarh, 06.12.22- : The problem of traffic in the city is increasing day by day. On the other hand, challan drive have been started for the vehicles parked in front of the houses due to which the common man is getting harassed. Challans can never be a solution to the problem, so the administration and police should first arrange community parking for the people, said Prem Garg, State Convener of Aam Aadmi Party, Chandigarh.
Garg said that the traffic police have now started challaning the vehicles parked in front of the houses. During the last two months, this campaign has got intensified. People are being asked to park their vehicles inside their houses, but the question is whether there is enough parking space in all the houses in the city? The administration started issuing challans but did not make parking arrangements for the people. Now people who have small houses park their vehicles on the road or on the footpath. Apart from this, the houses where different people live on each floor, all of them have different vehicles. Now how will they be able to park so many vehicles in one house.

Prem Garg suggested to the administration that all the areas lying vacant or not being used in the city should be selected and community parking should be made there according to the needs of the people. Along with this, he said that people can also make arrangements for parking by removing the boundary wall of the houses and fencing in front of their houses, wherever feasible.