CHANDIGARH,5th December 2022 | In the television series Sanjha Sufna, Diya and Araj have started a new chapter of their lives and ambitions together, but Diya still needs to maintain her spirits in the face of numerous challenges.

Although Diya and Araj had voluntarily decided to get married, she faces multiple challenges from her in-laws. Today's new episode of the show will show that Diya, being a newlywed, wants to complete all the rituals and ceremonies. As a result, she chooses to start with her kitchen ceremony by preparing some sweet dishes. Instead, she is humiliated by her decision, to begin with, the ceremonies She feels ashamed of her choice nevertheless, as her mother and sisters-in-law still haven't duly accepted her.

How will Diya adjust herself to Araj's family? How is she going to handle her dreams? Watch tonight's episode of Sanjha Sufna on Zee Punjabi at 7:00 PM.