Ludhiana, 3RD December 2022: One of India's most well-known gaming and entertainment centres, SMAAASH combines sports, virtual reality, music, and food into a fun and engaging social experience for kids, adults, and families. Following many stops in Punjab like Chandigarh, Barnala, Jalandhar and Amritsar, SMAAASH is now preparing for its third grand inauguration in Punjab's largest industrial park, Ludhiana, which will be a spectacular treat as it will be a carnival of delight, filled to the brim with amusement, food, games, and bliss.

This time, the offerings include a drop tower that is more entertaining and distinctive, paintball, a roller coaster, ATV bike rides, and a zip line, as well as an orientation to the new zone and an improved gaming experience. By reliving those memories, the experience will be immersive, sophisticated, engaging, and a unique social hub for families and kids.

The goal of SMAAASH is to entertain people of all ages, and it aims to offer something special for everyone. SMAAASH, which was introduced over ten years ago, perfectly united a big bundle of beat-dropping games like bowling, virtual reality gaming, sports, partying, and dining into one passionate celebration. The facility is available to give parents and children a chance to connect while offering them a unique, complete area to themselves away from all the busy schedules and chaos.

Aside from all this, the twilight bowling alley's romantic lighting creates a mood in and of itself. Not only this, SMAAASH offers its customers a line of delicious and finger-licking varieties of cuisine while you get competitive with friends and family, aiming to dash those bowling pins in style at the bowling alley.

Owner of SMAAASH, Mr. Shripal Morakhia, says, “With ground-breaking revolutionary ideas and cutting-edge dining concepts that redefine sports entertainment and consumer involvement, SMAAASH is the ideal venue for "kids of all ages." We're glad to be returning and delivering the city a gaming experience like never before, an all-new experience combined with original ideas, powerful virtual environment technology, and drilling designs. With our distinctive and ambitious experiences, we want to put smiles back on people's faces.”

Mandy Takhar, a Punjabi actress who served as the event's chief guest, expressed her happiness by saying, "We are present at this enormous event and an ultimate spot of adventure in all aspects, a blend of finger-licking food, games, technological distinctiveness, groovy music, and an uncountable pleasure. The SMAAASH has consistently demonstrated that it can keep all of its promises, and this time it offers an even greater spectacular experience for all ages. So now you are aware of where to go for fun with friends and family.

Play racing games and feel the rush as you drive. The likelihood of enjoying a dance-off with your friends is fascinating. Visit us to give yourself a preferred selection and to find a one-stop shop for all of your entertainment needs. Ludhiana, stop searching and prepare for some SMAAASH-ing fun. Get those dance, party, and athletic shoes ready because India's most recognised gaming powerhouse is about to relaunch in larger and better ways!