NEW DELHI, 29.11.22-The Shriram Wonder Years, Rohini organised a Family Fun Date which invited parents and their children to enjoy a well-spent family time at its school campus. In times when having to spend good time with family and close ones has become a rarity, TSWY set a precedent and allowed children to spend an afternoon in the company of their parents, who, due to the lack of time and tight work schedules, are not able to engage with their children on a wholesome level.

There were many shows which ramped up the liveliness of the event. Children and their parents had a gala time at shops and playful rides like Magic Show, Fun Rides, Games & Bouncy Fun, Car Rides, Tattoo Art, Slime & Key Chain making, and Family Photo Booth. It was themed according to the preferences of children and their idea of good family time.

Lack of family time affects a student’s mindset and psychology. TSWY, as a measure to boost children’s emotional and mental health, took the initiative and gave them an opportunity to spend TLC moments with their parents. It refreshes them, activates their brain cells, and makes them productive and emotionally grounded.

It also allowed teachers and parents to bond, discuss, ruminate, and think of better ways to develop a student’s personality in the best way possible. An interpersonal bond is necessary for a child’s growth.

Shubhi Soni, Head of Shri Ram wonder years , said, “The Family Fun Date was one of the initiatives taken by the school to allow parents to play a greater role in their children’s progress. Performing activities with parents and spending quality time with them has a positive effect on their minds and keeps them emotionally and mentally strong. Children and parents should share a symbiotic relationship, and we tried to augment it by organising various activities for them.”