Chandigarh November 20, 2022-Enactus SSBUICET team went on a 2 day trip to Ludhiana and Amritsar for outreach of Uday project. The first day comprised of an industrial visit to Versatile Enterprises Pvt Ltd., Ludhiana, followed by visit to Pingalwara, Amritsar, told Anoop and Madhur, Event Heads of Enactus team. Pingalwara which has been established for the sick, disabled and abandoned forlorn people is truly a nucleus of a great humanitarian movement, said Tarun Dhiman, Social Media head. The visit to Pingalwara was coordinated with the help of Col.Darshan Singh Bawa, Administrator Pingalwara, conveyed Prof. Seema Kapoor, Faculty Advisor of Enactus team.

The purpose of the visit was to create awareness about safe sanitary practices amongst the resident girls and ladies, averred Samarth and Mridul, Project Heads. The Enactus team was mesmerized with the wonderful free service being provided to poor people and the facilities available at Pingalwara, said Chetan & Aditya.

The team also visited Golden Temple, Amritsar, for the blessings. It was an exhilarating experience for the team members, who visited this sacred house of worship with serene environsfor the first time, said Raj Mishra.