*Environment Minister Gopal Rai conducts surprise inspections under anti dust campaign; fine worth five lakh imposed on L&T*
*Large scale irregularities found on part of L&T during inspection at BJP’s under construction office site - Gopal Rai*
*Despite the ban on construction works in Delhi, construction was going on at the site - Gopal Rai*
*Orders given to DPCC to stop construction work and impose fine of 5 lakhs - Gopal Rai*
*Environment Minister Gopal Rai also inspected UIDAI construction site during surprise inspection*
*Construction work stopped at UIDAI construction site and rules found being followed - Gopal Rai*
*Delhi Government is actively working to stop pollution in Delhi, special focus laid on 10 focal points- Gopal Rai*
NEW DELHI:1st November 2022-Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai conducted a series of surprise inspections under the anti-dust campaign today. During this inspection, a fine of Rs 5 lakh was imposed on L&T. Shri Gopal Rai said, “during the inspection large scale irregularities were found at the BJP’s under construction office site by L&T. The construction work was going on despite the ban on construction works in Delhi. In such a situation, DPCC was instructed to stop the construction work and impose a fine of 5 lakhs. The Delhi government is actively working to prevent pollution in Delhi. The government has a special focus on 10 anti-pollution focal points.”
The UIDAI construction site near ITO was also inspected by Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai. He discovered that there was a halt in construction and a notice had also been posted on the site. However, he found out that another department's construction project is ongoing nearby at a separate location. He went ahead towards the site seeking to issue a notice to it. The Environment Minister fined the L&T Rs 5 lakh during the said inspection. Additionally, instructions were given to cease the work right away. Shri Hopal Rai said that at the L&T site, stone-cutting work was being done covertly.
Shri Gopal Rai said, “The third phase of GRAP has been implemented in Delhi due to the rising pollution. Construction and demolition work have been prohibited in Delhi as a result of the same. In Delhi, there are about 500 teams doing surveillance to prevent any unauthorised construction or demolition work. Some departments and agencies have been given approval for construction and demolition per the directives of CAQM. They have been given strict instructions to adhere to all construction and demolition regulations. If not, their work will be stopped. Such construction and demolition sites will still be subject to inspections in the future. And those who have been granted authority to conduct construction will be closed if all construction/demolition regulations are not adhered to.”
“Delhi's pollution was expected to increase from November 1. Currently it is in the category of ‘very poor’. The government is trying to reduce pollution by working on 10 focal points. We appeal to the people of Delhi that if they all together cooperate with the government, then we can be successful in reducing Delhi's pollution”, he further added.
In response to a question, the Environment Minister said, “Punjab government is making all efforts to stop the burning of stubble. For decomposing stubble with bio decomposer, a proposal was sent to the central government for financial support to the farmers. But the BJP government at the Center rejected it. Despite that, the Punjab government is making efforts to stop the burning of stubble. This time the incidents of stubble burning in Punjab will decrease.”
He said, “Since no state has the ability to change the direction of the wind, the pollution issue is not state-specific. The BJP government's philosophy has been to expand pollution rather than to stop it. There would have been significantly fewer instances of stubble burning if the Central Government had approved the Punjab Government's proposal. But on the other hand, the BJP petitioned the Supreme Court to lift the prohibition on firecrackers. The LG has currently put an end to the red light on, gaadi off campaign, which he would not have done without the BJP's directives. I also appeal to the BJP members that they too live in Delhi and they too will be impacted by pollution. Therefore, they should try to cooperate and help in dealing with this problem, not considering the problem of pollution as the problem of any party.”
Shri Gopal Rai stopped by the UIDAI construction site on Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg during the surprise inspection. He discovered that the construction work had been stopped at the UIDAI construction site by the concerned agency working there in accordance with the government's construction ban and that other rules, including the use of smog guns, were being adhered to there.
*Measures taken by Kejriwal Government to stop pollution:*
*1. Green War Room -* The 9 member Green War Room monitors all actions being taken by 20 government agencies in Delhi on a 24x7 basis. The performance is monitored in real time and on a daily basis.
*2. Green Delhi App-* This year, from 1st October 2022, we have received more than 2009 complaints on Green Delhi App and 90% of them have been resolved.
*3. Anti-Dust Campaign-* Regular inspection of construction sites is being done. 586 teams are visiting these sites every day to ensure compliance. Till October 24, 6866 sites were inspected, and out of these violations were found at 276 sites, notices and challans have been issued to 253 sites.
*4. Bio Decomposer-* On 18th October we started free spraying of Pusa Bio Decomposer in Delhi's fields. 3200 acres have already been completed.
*5. Water Sprinkler -* 581 Water Sprinklers, 80 Mechanised Road Sweeping Machines, 233 Anti-Smog Guns at construction sites, 150 Vehicle Mounted Anti-Smog Guns as well as 9 high-rise buildings sprinkler facilities are operational.
*6. Industry Pollution-* 233 teams are regularly monitoring 1600 industries. Impure or unauthorised fuel has not been identified so far.
*7. PUCC*- More than 20 lakh PUC certificates were issued in the months of August and September. More than 68500 challans were made for violation of PUC certificates. 6500 vehicles older than 10 years old diesel and 15 years old petrol have been seized which are not authorised to operate in Delhi.
*8. Hotspot special monitoring-* There are 13 identified hotspots in Delhi which are more polluted than other areas, they are being monitored by DM, ADM and SDM for continuous use of water sprinklers, anti-smog guns and other measures.
*9. Ban on Firecrackers*- On 14 September 2022, Delhi Government banned the use of firecrackers and started a public awareness campaign "Diye Jalao, Patakhe Nahi". The citizens of Delhi supported the ban on firecrackers and this year we celebrated the cleanest Diwali in the last 7 years.
*10. GRAP Stage 3* - GRAP Stage 3 has been implemented in Delhi from 31st October. All construction and demolition activities (except essential services) have been banned. Now water sprinklers are being operated on a 24 hour basis. Additionally, as part of GRAP Phase 3.