*Kejriwal Government's highly successful Red Light On Gaadi Off campaign shelved after Delhi LG's refusal to clear the file
*Red Light On, Gaadi Off campaign was to start from October 28 to reduce pollution in Delhi - Gopal Rai
*Switching off cars at Red Light can save 250 crores annually; reduce pollution by 13%-20%
*LG has time for slander; he can write letters to CM everyday; but he can't do essential work- Gopal Rai
*Appeal to the LG to not play politics over the lives of Delhiites; let them breathe clean air- Gopal Rai
NEW DELHI:27.10.22-Kejriwal Government's highly successful Red Light On Gaadi Off campaign has been indefinitely shelved after Delhi LG's inordinate delay and refusal for clearing the file. Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai informed about the postponement of the campaign that was slated to start from tomorrow. He said, “Dust, biomass burning and vehicle pollution are the main contributors to the pollution in Delhi. The Red Light On, Gaadi Off campaign plays an important role in reducing vehicular pollution in Delhi. The campaign was supposed to start tomorrow but it has been unfortunately shelved due to the LG's refusal."
Amidst the all-round efforts of the Kejriwal Government to rid Delhi of pollution, many ill-intended steps of the Lieutenant Governor are coming to the fore. In order to clear the polluted air of the capital, the Delhi Government had started the "Red Light On Gaadi Off" campaign. The campaign, started two years ago, showed a very positive impact. According to experts, vehicular air pollution has reduced by 15 to 20 percent due to this campaign. Due to this encouraging result, the government is gearing up to launch the campaign for the third year as well. The campaign was supposed to start from Friday, October 28, but surprisingly, the LG is sitting on the fence over this brilliant effort of the Delhi Government. The file sent to him in this regard is still pending for approval. In such a situation, the silence of LG is increasing the concern of Delhiites as well as environmentalists.
According to experts, vehicular pollution is the highest, contributing 30 percent of Delhi's pollution. In Delhi, when a person leaves from morning to evening, he crosses about 10 to 12 intersections. If you stop for even 2 minutes at an intersection, you burn fuel unnecessarily for 30 minutes. This further increases the pollution of Delhi. Through this campaign, the drivers are constantly made aware about it.
*Switching off cars at Red Light can save 250 crores annually*
The Petroleum Conservation Research Association has researched it and presented data that shows switching off engines on red lights saves around two hundred and fifty crore rupees annually and reduces pollution by 13-20%. We can all try to use public transport like bus, metro or carpool with others, and avoid using our vehicles at least once a week. Experts have noted that doing this more than once a week or at least once, will help us bring down levels of pollution and help save us fuel too.
Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai, while addressing the media said, “With the objective of reducing pollution in Delhi during winter season, the Delhi Government has prepared a 15-point winter action plan, on which work is being done on a war footing. In such a situation, it has been seen that dust, biomass weathering and vehicle pollution are the main contributors to the pollution in Delhi. To prevent vehicular pollution, our government had successfully run the campaign of “Red Light On, Gadi Off” in the year 2020 and after that this campaign was run successfully in the year 2021 as well. This year also, tomorrow i.e. from October 28, this campaign was to be implemented in the whole of Delhi, but very unfortunately we have to tell you that on the 21st, the Chief Minister sent the file related to it to the Lieutenant Governor, but LG didn’t approve The file. It is beyond our comprehension that for all other work, there is time for LG there is time to write daily letters to the Chief Minister, but he does not have time for this important work. He is not new to Delhi and he must know through daily channels and news that pollution is increasing in Delhi but he has not got the time to sign on the file yet.”
“We all know that when a person leaves with his vehicle in Delhi, he passes through at least 10 to 12 red lights. According to a survey by the Indian Petroleum Consumer Association, each person burns fuel at idle for about 25 to 30 minutes per day due to keeping the vehicle started even when there is a red light. Therefore, on red light, if every person turns off his vehicle when the light is red, then about 15 to 20 percent of vehicle pollution can be reduced. This year also, through the “Red Light On, Gadi Off” campaign, about 2500 Civil Defense volunteers were to be trained and deployed at 100 busiest intersections of Delhi. Following Gandhi's example, they were to hand out roses as requests for others to stop their cars at red lights. Additionally, they receive training before deployment and practise acting appropriately at junctions with the traffic police”, he further added.
Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai further said, “It is very unfortunate that due to the non-signing of the file by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, we have to postpone this important campaign Red Light On, Gadi Off starting tomorrow. Even earlier, when the Punjab Government had applied to the Central Government for financial help for smelting the stubble, the Central Government rejected it. When we banned firecrackers in Delhi, they fought till the Supreme Court to remove this ban. And this time also they are doing the same thing by stopping the file. For this reason, we are suspending this Red Light On, Gadi Off Campaign till the time the file is not signed. I request the LG that a political fight is in its place and in such a situation; he should not do politics on the breath of the people of Delhi.”
Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “It’s really very sad that efforts of Delhi government to curb pollution, which played a critical role in reducing pollution all these years, are being stopped now due to dirty politics. Let’s not play with the health of the people.”
*Delhi Government campaign taking the whole of Delhi along*
Delhi Government's campaign is taking the whole of Delhi along. The government is involving RWAs, market associations, clubs and environmental NGOs to make this campaign a success. All the MLAs and councillors of the Aam Aadmi Party are also making the drivers aware at various intersections of Delhi. Awareness campaigns are being conducted in all the assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies of Delhi. Green Martials have been deployed there to make the vehicles turn off when there is a red light. Civil defence volunteers and environment marshals are also asking drivers to turn off vehicles at major intersections in Delhi.
*Revenue Minister Kailash Gahlot holds meeting with Divisional Commissioner and all DMs to review the preparedness of Chhath Puja in Delhi

*Minister Kailash Gahlot instructs all DMs to share the list of new sites that are being added with local MLAs

*Compulsory for DMs to share geo-locations of all sites

*With a budget of 25 Crore, the Delhi Government is going to organise the Chhath Puja celebrations at approx 1100 sites in Delhi

*We are ready with appropriate arrangements to ensure smooth organisation in a safe & secure manner all over Delhi: Kailash Gahlot

*I have instructed the officers to make necessary arrangements at all the ghats including Yamuna so that the devotees do not face any problems: Kailash Gahlot

*Under the able leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal, we are committed to organise an unprecedented Chhath Puja all over Delhi: Kailash Gahlot

NEW DELHI:27.10.22-Revenue Minister Shri Kailash Gahlot today held a review meeting on the preparedness of Chhath Puja in Delhi. The meeting was also attended by Burari MLA Shri Sanjiv Jha, Divisional Commissioner and all the District Magistrates in Delhi.

This year, the Delhi Government is organising the Chatth Puja at 1100 sites all over Delhi. During the meeting, the Revenue Minister directed the department to ensure that the devotees should not face any inconvenience. He also directed the officers concerned to ensure smooth management and organisation at all the 1100 sites of the Chhath Puja Celebration in Delhi.

To ensure transparency, Revenue Minister Shri Kailash Gahlot instructed all DMs to share the list of new sites that are being added with local MLAs. All DMs were further instructed to share geo-locations of all sites compulsorily.

Further, the Divisional Commissioner directed all DMs to share the list of the top 5 sites which are expected to have the most gathering. The DMs were advised to manage logistics in a manner that the Yamuna river bank is barricaded and artificial ponds are created in a proper way ensuring pollution-free celebration.

In Delhi, the Revenue Department is the nodal department for the celebration of Chhath Puja in a safe, secure and eco-friendly manner with full festivity. The Revenue Department will make the necessary arrangements for tentage and electrical items such as tents, chairs, tables lighting, sound system, CCTV, LED screens, power backup and so on at all the 1100 Puja sites. Furthermore, the Revenue Department will ensure the provision for the other required facilities in coordination with other departments of the Delhi Government such as the Irrigation & Flood Control Department (I&FC) and Delhi Jal Board (DJB) for clean water arrangements, Health Department for primary health services and deployment of Ambulance, DUSIB for Mobile Toilet Vans (MTVs) and with agencies such as Delhi Police and CDV for safety & security, Traffic Police for Traffic Management and MCD/NDMC for sanitation and cleanliness.

Delhi Government has grown the celebration of Chhath Puja from 69 sites in 2014 to a whopping 1100 sites and increased the budget 10 times from 2.5 Crore in 2014 to approx. 25 Crore this year to facilitate lakhs of devotees in offering their prayers on Chhath.

After the meeting, Revenue Minister of Delhi Shri Kailash Gahlot tweeted "Today I had a meeting with the Divisional Commissioner and District Magistrates and took stock of all the preparations related to Chhath Puja. I have instructed them to make necessary arrangements at all the ghats including Yamuna so that the devotees do not face any problems. Under the able leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, We are committed to organise an unprecedented Chhath Puja all over Delhi."