CHANDIGARH,17th October 2022 | Zee Punjabi show Nayan Jo Vekhe Unvekha has been celebrating ‘Karwachauth’ where Jasmine and Nayan are fasting for Devansh.

In today’s episode, the audience will be thrilled to see Jasmine challenge Nayan that Devansh will break her fast in the first place and she will be left to watch them have their romantic moment. Moreover, there will be another fantastic shot where Nayan will finally reveal that Jasmine was never ill and that she only pretended to be afraid of her presence.

What would Devansh do when he learns the truth about Jasmine? Will this information strengthen the bond between Devansh and Nayan or will Rita hatch a new scheme against them? At 8:30 PM, see the unexpected Nayan- Jo vekhe Unvekha episode of today.