*Kejriwal Government to put a full stop on stubble burning, to spray free bio-decomposer in more than 5,000 acres of fields this year: Gopal Rai

*21 teams have been formed for the spraying of bio decomposer: Gopal Rai

*So far 957 farmers have filled the form for spraying bio decomposer : Gopal Rai

*Spraying of Bio decomposer will be started from first week of October in Delhi: Gopal Rai

*Development Minister Gopal Rai visits IARI, Pusa to inspect the process and production facilities for making bio-decomposer solution

*Free bio decomposer will be sprayed in some areas as a pilot project in Punjab too : Gopal Rai

NEW DELHI: 20TH SEPTEMBER 2022-Delhi Development Minister Shri Gopal Rai today visited Indian Agricultural Research Institute (Pusa) to inspect the process and production facilities of Bio Decomposer Solution being manufactured there. The solution will be used by the Delhi governments to decompose stubble and prevent stubble burning pollution. The solution will also be directly purchased from the institute.

Shri Gopal Rai said, "This year the Delhi Government will get free bio-de-composer spraying done in more than 5,000 acres of fields for stubble decomposition. Forms are being filled by farmers and if needed, it will be sprayed on more farmlands as and when needed. 21 teams have been formed for the spraying process, which include officials of the Agriculture Department and Revenue Department. This year, Pusa Institute is providing the Delhi government with its own bio-decomposer solution entirely. The bio-decomposer will be sprayed for free by the government in all the Basmati and non-Basmati paddy farms inside Delhi."

He said, "In order to solve the problem of pollution in the winter season in Delhi, the government is constantly moving towards preparing its winter action plan by meeting with different departments. All the departments have been assigned different responsibilities on 15 focus points regarding the Winter Action Plan, under which the Environment Department is preparing a joint action plan for the Winter Action Plan. Stubble burning, included in this year's 15 focus points, also plays an important role in increasing the problem of pollution in the winter season. In such a situation, appropriate steps have to be taken on this problem in time. So like last year, our government has started preparations for free spraying of bio decomposer in the fields for stubble decomposition."

He continued, "Paddy is cultivated only in some parts inside Delhi. Through our policies we have ensured that there is no pollution from stubble in Delhi. Last year too, free sprinkling of the bio-decomposer was done by the government. We received a very positive result last year, the stubble was decomposed properly and there was also an increase in the fertility of the fields. Another problem faced by the farmers is that the time interval between the harvesting of paddy crops and sowing of wheat is very short. Therefore, the government has started preparing for the spraying in time so that there is no delay in the whole exercise and farmers can get better results. The free bio-decomposer will be sprayed by the government in all the Basmati and non-Basmati paddy fields inside Delhi. Officers have been given training in Delhi Secretariat regarding free bio-decomposer spraying."

The Development Minister stated, "The Agriculture Department has been instructed to get fil form filled by the farmers at the earliest to assess the area to be taken under the spraying process. In this form, the details of the farmer, how many acres of land he wants to be spraying to be done on and the time of harvesting, are being asked. Farmers will also express the date of spraying in the form so that accordingly arrangements can be made for spraying in their fields. So far 957 farmers have filled the form. Along with this, awareness campaigns are also being run by the team about the spraying of bio decomposer among the farmers inside Delhi."

He added, "So far, farmers have filled forms seeking spraying on more than 5000 acres of Basmati and non-Basmati paddy fields, bio decomposer will be sprayed in all the fields according to the timeline given by them. If needed further, it will be sprayed in more fields. This time Pusa Institute has also made a powder of the bio decomposer, which the government has decided to use this time on 1000 acres as a trial. Spraying of the bio-de-composer will be started from the first week of October, for this necessary instructions have been given to all the departments concerned. In Punjab also, as a pilot project, bio-decomposer made by Pusa Institute will be sprayed free of cost in some areas."