CHANDIGARH,21.05.23- On the eve of World Biodiversity Day, Sh.Dharam Pal, IAS, Adviser to the Administrator, UT Chandigarh inaugurated the ‘"BONSAI WORLD" established by Department of Forest & Wildlife, UT Chandigarh in Botanical Garden, Sarangpur today on 21st May, 2023.

Under mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) Chandigarh UT Administration innovatively influence the behavioral change of the people by various programs. In this series, the Department of Forest & Wildlife, UT Chandigarh has established a Bonsai World in the Botanical Garden, Sarangpur by assemblage of about 74 different bonsai plant species up to 35 years age. Their variety and variation assembled are admirable in nature where structural arrangement and functional expression of the artificially created environment is hugely important in biological and psychological aspects of teaching to the society.

Bonsai is one of the beautiful art forms of growing plants is usually associated with Japan but originated in China. It is a Miniature of big tree made by applying several techniques. This technique includes heavy crown pruning, root pruning, wiring etc. The bonsai tree requires continuous efforts & maintenance. This art form thrived and sustained in Japan for centuries and categorized based on their growth, habit and different types. In around 13th century, there grew a culture of Japanese collecting the forest trees that were dwarf by nature and by several training practices they trained the trees for pot culture and reduced them more in size and were beautifully designed. Word bonsai is formed by combination of two Japanese words ‘Bon’ means shallow pan and ‘Sai’ means plant, which rendered as the pot or tray planting. This fascinating hobby is not at all difficult to maintain and is an interesting art form. This art form brings patience in the individual. It has long been admired in the art of thought as they bring positive energies to the room or the place grown. Anyone who sees bonsai is amazed by the art and it quickly spread joy to the ones who sees it.

On this occasion, Sh.Dharam Pal visited the entire Bonsai Garden and appreciated the efforts made by Forest Department Chandigarh. He further added that this Garden will help to draw the attention of visitors visiting Chandigarh where they can enjoy the nature. The facility so created with lot of commitment and professionalism will definitely add to the attraction of Botanical Garden. He appealed to the school children to make changes in their lifestyle for protection of environment. He further administered the Pledge on LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment) to the gathering.

Sh. Nitin Yadav, IAS, Secretary (Forests), UT Chandigarh said the Bonsai Garden shall not only attract the visitors here, but also shall develop an affiliation for nature amongst the visitors.

Sh.Debendra Dalai, IFS, Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Wildlife Warden, UT Chandigarh informed that Forest Department has established Botanical Garden over an area of 176 acres of land in Village Sarangpur for the purpose to conserve the flora of the region as well as others. It is a place where plants are grown and displayed for the purposes of research and education and awareness. This Bonsai World shall add another attraction to the garden, which is already visited by approximately 3000 persons every day.

The function was also attended by Sh.Arulrajan P., IFS, Conservator of Forests, Dr. Suman, Director Health Services and other officers of Chandigarh Administration, Villagers of the nearby areas, School students and staff of Forest & Wildlife Department.