Chandigarh 5th October 2020. After a successful launch, Zee Punjabi has not been leaving any stone unturned to entertain audiences. All the shows ‘Tera Rang Chadeya', ‘Tu Patang Main Dor', ‘Khasma Nu Khani', ‘Vilayti Bhabhi' and ‘Kamli Ishq Di' are riding high on the TRP charts. Now, to give a better start to everyone's morning Zee Punjabi has launched its new show ‘Amrit Sagar'.

The show is a morning show in which world famous theologian late Bhai Maskeen Ji's katha provide guidance to the people. Bhai Maskeen Ji was a famous sikh theologian and scholar who had written many books like Guru Chintan, Ras Dhara, Jiwan Jhalkian, Aise Jan Virle Sansare, Brahm Gyan, Gyan Da Saagar, Amrit Manthan, Ratnagar and Shabad Guru.

Rahul Rao, channel head, Zee Punjabi explained, “At Zee Punjabi we try our best to provide a holistic entertainment including fiction-nonfiction, comedy shows, movies. However, we were getting a lot of requests for a spiritual show and we believe nothing can be better than Bhai Maskeen Ji. It is an overwhelming experience to get so much love and support. Apart from this, we are also coming with many new shows.”

Amrit Sagar has been telecasting from 7th September at 7am.