CHANDIGARH,25.09.20-Hanuman asana is an intermediate level yoga pose that derives its name from the giant leap made by Lord Hanuman from the southern tip of India to the Iceland of Sri Lanka in Ramayana.
Kneel on the left knee and place the right foot about 30” in front of the left knee. Place the palms of the hands on the floor on either side of the right knee.
Gently and gradually slide the right foot forward. Simultaneously, support the weight of the body on the hands.
Straighten both legs, moving the right foot as far forward and the left as far backward without straining. Now the buttocks are lowered so that the pelvic floor and both legs rest on the ground in straight line.
Close the eyes, relax the body and brings the palms together in front of the sternum. Keep the back knee straight.( the arms can also be raised above the head )
Hold this final position as long as comfortable.
Return to the starting position.
Repeat the asna with the other leg forward.
Physical awareness to be on stretch of hips, groin and leg muscles and on the breath. Spiritual awareness on MOOLADHARA CHAKRA.
After completing this asna, Sit with both of the legs extended forward for 1-2 minutes.
CAUTIONS;- Those suffering from slipped disc, sciatica, hernia and dislocation of the hip joint are strictly advised not to attempt this asna.
It improves flexibility and blood circulation in the legs and hips. It massages the abdominal region, tones the reproductive system and make pelvic area Supple.
NOTE This asna is the ultimate test of leg and hip flexibility. Very few will be able to lower the body to the floor in the final position. Those who can not may place a cushion or folded blanket underneath the pelvic floor to avoid strain.

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