CHANDIGARH,22.09.20-This is also an advance asna and beginners should do it under the able guidance of a trained yoga teacher.
Sit with the legs outstretched in front of the body.
Bend the right knee, turning it slightly out to the side. Bring the right arm under the right calf muscle and hold the outside of the leg just above ankle.
Raise the left arm and hold the outside of the right ankle.
The right arm should be positioned so that the elbow lies between the thigh and the lower leg.
Raise the right leg using the arms and hands.
As the leg is raised , bend the trunk forward and twist slightly to the left.
WITHOUT STRAINING, place the leg on top of the right shoulder. Release the grip of the right hand.
Raise the right leg higher by using the left arm and by pushing the thigh back using the right upper arm.
WITHOUT STRAINING, try to place the right foot behind the head at the nape of the neck.
This is a secured by bending the head forward under the calf muscle, which then rests on the shoulder.
Try to straighten the spine and hold the head upright.
This is the final position.
(VARIATION:- The variation is called UTTHAN EKA PADA SIRASANA in which after assuming this position, place both arms on the floor, using hands and arms for support.
lean back slightly and come into squatting position on the left leg. Straighten the knee and stand upright. After balance is achieved in standing position, place the palms in front of the chest. Inhale when the body is raised and exhale when the body is lowered).
Hold the pose for as long as comfortable.
Slowly release the leg and return to the starting position . Repeat with the left leg.
Breathe normally while moving to the final position and slowly and deeply in the final position.
One can do 1-2 rounds of this asna.
The right leg should be raised first in order to massage the internal organs in the natural direction of digestion.
In order to practice this asna, the hips must be extremely flexible.
Physical awareness on the stretch in the hips, groin,and leg muscles, the compression on the abdomen and the sensation of the spine. Spiritual awareness on ANAHATA CHAKRA.
Note:- Any backward bending asna may be performed immediately before or after this asna.
CAUTIONS;- People with sciatica, hip problems, or hernia and back problems should not do this asna.
Only those having flexibility of body should attempt it.
Benefits:- This asna compresses each side of abdomen, thoroughly massaging the internal organs.stimulating peristalsis and removing constipation. It tones the reproductive organs and improves blood circulation in the legs relieving varicose veins. It increases the level of energy in the chakras thus vitalising the body and mind.

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