CHANDIGARH,10.08.20-Stand with the feet about shoulder width apart and the arms by the sides.
Raise the arms to shoulder level. Then twist the body to the right.
Bring the left hand to the right shoulder and wrap the right arm around the back bringing the right hand around the left side of the waist.
Look over the right shoulder as for as comfortable.
Keep the back of the neck straight and imagine the top of the spine in the fixed point around which the head turns.
Hold for two seconds, Accenture the twist, gently stretching the abdomen.
Return to the starting position. Repeat on the other side to complete one round.
Keep the feet firmly on the ground while twisting.
Relax the arms and back as much as possible throughout the practice.
Do not strain.
The movement should be relaxed and spontaneous.
Perform rotation smoothly, without jerk or stiffness.
Practice for 5-10 rounds.
Breathing:- inhale raising the arms
Exhale twisting to the side
Inhale returning to centre
Exhale while releasing posture.
Awareness :- on the stretch of the abdomen and spinal muscles and on breathing synchronised with the movement.
Tones the neck, shoulders, back waist and hips. Useful for correcting back stiffness and postural problems.
Induced feeling of lightness and relieves physical and mental tension.
The asna can be performed in a more dynamic way by swinging rhythmically with arms without synchronising with breath.

Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association