CHANDIGARH,08.08.20-Tad is a tall tree. In this asna our body takes the shape of Tad. Therefore it is named Tadasna.
To do it stand on the mat. Inhale and raise both the arms. Raise the heels and stretch the arms upwards. Stay in this position for a while and then return to original position while exhaling.
This can be done one to five times.
It can be done at any time during the day but empty stomach only

One of the best asna to increase height( for young people and children)
Stimulates nervous system
Improves body posture and balance
Tone buttocks and abdomen
Strengthens ankles, knees, thighs, arms and legs
Improves the functions of respiratory and digestive system
The waist becomes thin and flexible
Increases blood circulation and provides relaxation. Regulates menstrual periods in women.
Caution:- practice this by giving weight on both feet claws
Initially practice without raising feet
In case one is suffering from insomnia low BP or migraine, one should avoid this asna. Varicose veins patients should not practice this asna.

Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association