CHANDIGARH,03.08.20-Before starting yog session, we must know -what yoga stands for.
The word Yog is derived from Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ “meaning to join. In yoga mind body and soul work together, to through all toxins out of our body. Ash -tang yoga by maharishi Pantanjali has eight limbs(Asha means eight and ang means limbs.
These are
1. Yama I.e one should keep away from worldly desires. It has five disciplines
Ahinsa :-by mind heart and deeds one should not hurt any living being
Satya:- truthfulness
Astay:- not to steel by mind and action
Aparigraha:- not to accumulate wealth or material beyond your needs

2. Niyama:-the means by which, we may control our body and mind are niyamas. These are also five
Shouch:- outward and inward cleanliness.
Santosha:- one should remain contented under all circumstances
Tap or Austerity:- to bear hunger,thirst , cold and heat during certain occasions
Savadhyay :- study the holy books to know yourself
Ishwar pranidhan:- worship of God
Asna:- this is the limb which is known to all. These asnas keep the body healthy
Pranayama:- another limb which is popular is pranayama it is flow of breathe in a controlled manner and is useful in the concentration of mind
Pratyahar:- gaining control over senses.
Dharana:- when consciousnesses is fixed at one place, it is called Dharana.
Dhiana:- it is same as meditation. In dhyana one comes closer to its own soul or God.
Samadhi:- in samadhi, one becomes conscious of his soul-Atma which is immortal and blissful. In samadhi, one realises total bliss, which is the supreme goal of life.
This is the brief introduction which each and every yoga lover/ practitioners must know.
It is possible that all of you are aware of this concept, but it is my duty to tell you as apart from a few asnas and pranayama or a little bit of meditation. no one explains the complete concept. All other limbs are practiced by yogis/
Sages. For all of us Asnas, Pranayama and meditation are sufficient to keep our mind body and spirit healthy

Dr M K Virmani(NDDY)
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association