Amritsar,16.06.20-My father, Comrade Baldev Singh Mann, a left-wing activist of the Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist), brutally murdered by Khalistan movement extremists, way back on September 26, used to edit Hirawal Dasta, a revolutionary journal.

He worked for the society throughout his life, without even caring about his own safety and security. He never bowed before the power that be and kept his head high and chest puffed with pride and dignity. Even as he was tortured by the so called law enforcers in the name of maintaining law and order. He fought for peasants of Punjab and every farmer today takes his name with high regard and salutations.

The literature he left behind is full of knowledge which shares his experience while dealing with the contemporary evil socio-political forces. He used to say, “In the process of social development, the revolution proceeds through different stages and struggles. We aim at the establishment of a society without class and without exploitation, towards socialism and communism.”

He taught that, “the historic goal of the working class of India, as well as of the whole world, is to establish socialism and communism in the world as a whole.”

Once was I was going through one of his articles, which mentioned about the “Great October revolution”, which was nothing but an inevitable outcome of the revolutionary struggles of the international proletariat and the people and the Great Chinese Revolution was the continuation of that process.

Mr Mann was of the view that the Indian Revolution too is an inseparable part of the revolutionary struggles of the international proletariat and the people.

He asserted that without the correct class analysis of the objective conditions of the whole world and of world politics and economics, that is, the correct class analysis on the basis of Marxism-Leninism of the fundamental contradictions of the contemporary world and their mutual relations and influences, it is impossible to make a correct appraisal of the international situation and of the internal situation of India, it is impossible to formulate the general line determining the main direction of the revolutionary struggles of the working class and the people of all countries or to realize its significance, and it is also impossible to determine in conformity therewith, the correct strategy and tactics of the Indian revolution.

Hence, he viewed the concrete objective condition of India and the question of the Indian revolution should be judged only in the light of the international situation and the revolutionary struggles of the people of the whole world. India, a vast country inhabited by about 1.5 billion people, rich and abundant in natural wealth, is one of the strongest bases of imperialism.

The success of the new democratic revolution of India and the establishment of a people’s democratic state in India will play an important role in accelerating the world proletarian revolution and will signify an important historical advancement towards the establishment of a new world free of imperialism, capitalism and the exploitation of man by man.

He visualized the contemporary Indian society to be semi-colonial and semi-feudal under neo-colonial form of indirect rule, exploitation, and control.

I got to learn from his writing about how the British colonialists conquered India in the second half of the 18th century and capitalism was beginning to develop in the womb of feudal society in our country. The British colonialists arrested the independent development of capitalism and the Indian society was transformed from feudal to colonial and semi-feudal. In 1947 the colonial and semi-feudal society was transformed into a semi-coloni…

Sonia Mann said that She is Glad to share that my dad’s (Shaheed Baldev Singh Mann) biography has been released today in the form of this marvellous book “Gaatha ikk soorme di”, authored by Sh. Harbhagwan Bhikhi.