CHANDIGARH,06.05.20-Mrs Rashmi Bindra, a well know fashion stylist and Designer of City beautiful, who wears various hats of doing wall arts , paintings, organizes various events , lifestyle and bridal exhibitions .
Recently, just before the PANDEMIC she organized an Exhibition emphasizing on the Workmanship of the Karigars, PareeHaat, Kasba kaarigiri ka, in which various types of Karigiri was displayed from across India , with a few FDCI affiliated Designers, and the actual artists , weavers, Handicrafters displayed the dying art forms which is the heritage and Splendor of our country.

It was one of the kind exhibition which gave hope to the ARTISANS across India ,that there is a better tomorrow for them and also people of Tricity witnessed the ethenic and somewhere lost art forms to adorn their homes and Wardrobes encouraging them to sell and buy Made in India products,which was an Amazing Experience, It was Love for Kaarigiri all over, What she had visualized was visible, each one was special , from across the COUNTRY with an amazing Showcase, which supported "The Wonderful work of the many NGO'S Kasba kaarigiri ka had indeed become a Kasba of beautiful Workmenship with lot of enquiries for more Shows , the show ended for more Shows to begin, which will bring "Profusion of Best Premier Designing", "Fine Embroideries, Weaves & Handlooms", "Heritage Jewellery & Artifacts", promoting all kinds of Sustainable Livelihood..

Mrs Rashmi Bindra is a Cancer survivor now and knows the meaning of life as she Lives on her terms enjoying and living each moment.
So PANDEMIC was the time which sure is hard on everybody but gave her an opportunity to again spend time to her leisure. She started to paint again her new collection BACK TO BASIC , Where she was able to paint minutely detailed flowers and fauna on sarees , duppattas and lehngas , all that she gathered from nature during this whole time .
Besides reallocating or redecorating the small corners of her home with the fresh flowers, she cooked whatever best she could, with whatever available remembering the Army days , and her love for Poetry came back to the front foot and she gave expression to that encouraging and inspiring many...

POSITIVITY of Thoughts ,
PATIENCE, To Stay at home, if not absolutly necessary ,
PROTECT yourself by wearing mask,
PRACTICING Social distancing,
PRAYERS for all 🙏🙏🙏
Will give us The
POWER to stride through
This rough PATCH of PANDEMIC...
Hume ye samajna parega,
Nafrato ki jung ko bhulakar,
Ek dusera ke sung khare
hona parega..
Prakarti ishara kar rahi he,
Puri duniya ko jorne ki
Shajish rach rahi he,
Sambhal jaao, abhi bhi waqt sahi he,
Chote bare, Mil jhul ker ,
sooj bhooj ker
Kadam bara le abhi bhi,
To phir, manjil saamne khari he,
Ye larai, na teri he ,
Na sirf meri he,
Sub ke liye bohot mushkil
Ghari he,
Prun le le ke jeetege hum,
Ye dharti humse ye karz
Maang rahi he..
Aaj her ek fauji he,
Apne apne farz nibhai,
Mujme, tujme, hum sub
Me , ek dusare ki jaan bandhi he..
Ye Dharti, jo hum sub ki he,
Sub mil ker lare,
Ye sajish usne hume jorne
Ki rachi he...
Rashmi Bindra
*Awakening. ..
birds are chirping. .
The sky is brightening.
The droplets on the leaves are smiling..
buds are happily blooming. .
. butterflies are dancing
and the ray of light peeping
from the drawn curtains
is whispering,
good n beautiful morning.
.... isnt it beautiful awakening?
awakening to the new day..
to new dreams. .
to new hopes...
to heaped courage,
to rise and Shine..
to gather what's ours ,
And to give what's theirs. ..
to do what was ment to be
and to undo
or do the mending.
. its Awakening. ..
Its Time to Rise again ... Rashmi Bindra