Mohali, February 12, 2020: VR Punjab, the region’s most preferred destination for shopping and fun, today hosted a unique ‘Be a Brewmaster Workshop’ as part of its Women’s Wednesday’s activity in association with international coffee chain Starbucks.

Brewing experts from Starbucks gave a live demonstration of different kinds of brewing techniques like the Pour Over and Coffee Press methods as the women participants watched in rapt attention. They also familiarised the participants with different varieties of coffee and their processing techniques.

Maintaining that brewing a perfect cup of coffee is an art that comes with time, the expert brewers said the right brew can bring out the best in your coffee.

Explaining the difference between Pour Over and French or Coffee Press brewing methods, they said, “While the French Press method involves putting coffee grounds in a carafe, an open-topped cylindrical glass, pouring in hot water, letting it steep and then pushing down a plunger to separate the brewed coffee for drinking, the Pour Over process entails manually boiling water, letting it cool a bit and then pouring it over coffee grounds. Unlike the French Press method, the coffee grounds sit in a filter in the Pour Over method and do not come in contact with the finished brew. As a result, Pour Over coffee is not typically as strong as the French Press brew, but it is smoother and has a great flavour.”

A deeper knowledge of the brewing process helped coffee lovers at the workshop unearth the original character of the coffee bean.

“As each speciality coffee requires a different brewing method, one should know how to brew one’s coffee so as to maximise the aromatic notes,” the expert brewers said as they took questions from the participants during an interactive session after the workshop.