CHANDIGARH,05.02.20-On the seventh day of the 15th Winter National Theater Festival, former IPS and eminent writer, Rajvir Deswal conducted an unforgettable round of question-and-answer at Ru-Ba-Ru with young theatre artists at BalBhavan. Rajveer begin the session by chanting "Jina Isi KaNaamHai" while teaching the art of living life.

The rich talent, who has served in key positions like IG of Haryana and Commissioner of Ambala, appeared unhappy with today's education system. He said that the teachers of present day are more encouraging to prepare students for the competition to get marks rather than reading and writing, which was not there at his time. Rajvir has more than five thousand articles published in various magazines and newspapers under his name, and has been bestowed upon with the President's Award and Haryana Sahitya Academy Award.

Rajvir has authored more than 30 books, started his journey of writing with 'Humor of Haryana' in 1987, which went to publication in BBC, the credit goes to his seventh grade Hindi teacher who gave him the task of writing on a serious subject.

When asked about the discipline he follows in his life, he said that he learned that from the legendary writer Khushwant Singh. During his tenure in Delhi, he got the opportunity to spend most of the time in Khushwant's companionship. In his famous book 'Antagaon', which he also calls a quarter of his autobiography, he has written about his childhood from his life in the fields to the mango orchards on paper with a fine pen, which is closest to his heart.

According to Rajvir, his father was well versed with Urdu, due to which he got inclined towards literature and writing. He may not know how to write Urdu but he has a good understanding of the alphabets of Urdu because of his father. Along with being a writer, Rajveer is a poet, traveler and singer.

Rajvir narrated stories related to his hobbies of films and said that he was very impressed with Dilip Kumar. His attachment to Kumar started in childhood when his father used to narrate the dialogues of the film Devdas in the style of Dilip Kumar. Sharing his memories of him, he said that when he was a student, he got the opportunity to meet Kumar, he got too excited and touched his feet. Years later, he got time to spend a few hours with him. Rajveer considers that time as one of the golden experiences of his life. The result of this meeting was that he dedicated his next book 'Khajuraho' to Dilip Kumar.

Giving time management tips to the youth, he said that through continuous practice, a person becomes a 'biorhythm', which makes it easier to manage time. Rajvir shared his memories of Khushwant Singh and KaviGopaldasNeeraj with the younger audience. He also said that apart from Dilip Kumar, Khayyam, Madan Mohan and SalilChaudhary are his favorites and he continues to get inspiration from their work.