CHANDIGARH,05.01.20-"Even though journalism looks glamorous but it is equally intriguing.” The evening session of Ru-Ba-Ru saw Shaida Bano, Editor of Siti Bhaskar at the 30-day Winter National Theater Festival being organized at Bal Bhavan Sector 23, sharing her experiences with theater lovers and theater presenters and talked about various aspects of the film.

She emphasized that any art flourishes through change. One person should not spend much time in one place. While advising budding writers, Shaida said that 'write only if you’ll die without writing' and to write you must first read. Pay attention to quality rather than quantity.

Commenting on the present-day reporting, she said that with art and culture, there have been changes in the technology. Now even though the task of reporting has become a little easier, the real challenge is that the information is vast that it is difficult to make the choice.

Talking about her journey from a journalist to editor, she said that it was a coincidence that she came to journalism. The journey that started 20 years ago, continues. The inspiration to meet various artists brought her to this profession.

Recalling her earlier days in this profession, she said that she used to stay in Parwanoo and used to travel late night in bus going from Delhi to Rampur, which was seen as a challenge in those days.

She also shared stories of her journalism with the audience, which included a report on women on Women's Day in 2003, rape of a 10-year-old girl, experiences of sarcasm reporting on the Prime Minister's city visit. are. According to her, even though the life of a journalist is associated with challenges, a good news, headline, photographs make the journalist truly satisfied with his work.

Talking about the importance of books, she said that books give a lot in life. If no one can read the book, then watch the film based on it. Reading increases the database of your words which makes it easier to express your thoughts.

According to her, the art and culture of Chandigarh has changed a lot in the last 20 years. The whole atmosphere has changed in Chandigarh and this city now happens to be in the favorite cities of every artist of the country. There are so many events happening that it provides a lot to choose for the public. Citing the reason for this, she said that the city appreciates every form of art very enthusiastically.

She admitted that even newspapers have not escaped from consumerism, but in the digital age, no news can be easily hidden.