CHANDIGARH,04.02.20-Date: Faced with the famous painter and master of the art of mask making, SujitBaruah, the famous painter of Assam in the second phase of the 15th TFT National Winter National Theater Festival, Asia's largest theater festival in Chandigarh, on the second day of the workshop, also gave young color workers the tricks of mask making. To teach In this workshop, which runs till 12 February, participants will be taught to make masks with natural things. Giving information on the basics of mask making on the same workshop, SujitJi explained the technique of selecting the right things to make masks, which include bamboo, clay and cloth. He told that if "Jati Ba" bamboo is used in the process of making masks in their local language, then the life of Mukhote increases from 50 to 100 years. He told that in this workshop he wants to retain more and more youths in the process of mask making, instead of making the mask themselves, they make their own masks. While giving the task of making masks to the young men himself, Sujitji said that most of the masks are based on the stories of the Puranas and they are most used in staging mythological plays.