CHANDIGARH,Date: 3rdFeb2020-The fifth session of Ru-Ba-Ru gave an impactful insight to the audience in the life of AneeshBhanot, social activist and Ashok Chakra awardee NeerjaBhanot’s brother, at the 15th Winter National Theatre Festival organized by Theatre for Theatre at Bal Bhawan, Chandigarh.

The session was conducted by Ojasvi Sharma, director, Rolling Frames entertainment. He joked about carrying a question slip because Aneesh always has more to say than his questions combined can do.

He talked about the book ‘The Inspiring Indian Personalities,’ authored by Aneesh, which has produced over 12 volumes of the series did a story on Sudesh Sharma, director TFT. The book aims at inspiring young hearts into doing work for the goodwill of the society. The editions are distributed free of cost in over 2500 schools and libraries across India. The book is a memorandum of heart-warming stories of people that have extremely contributed to the society and its goodwill.

The book also features Shiv Kumar from Chandigarh who has immensely contributed in the higher education of the visually challenged people. Being visually impaired himself, Shiv with the help of contribution from the Rotary Club, Chandigarh aids for the education of the blinds. He says that this work brings him mental satisfaction which is important than anything in life.

Aneesh shared many trivia about the Bollywood biopic based on Neerja, whom he fondly addresses as lado. He recalled the moment their mother met SonamKapoor and gave her blessings for the movie. According to him, his mom told Sonam that, “You can be beautiful but my daughter was the most beautiful person.”

He also discussed many anecdotes of bravery shown by Neerja, where she refused to be shut and spoke out her opinions. He said that many proposals for the biopic came but his heart was never into it. However, on the condition that he will approve the script and dignity of Neerja and flight members be maintained, he agreed at last.

He said that Neerja always believed that life should be meaningful not long. He also mentioned about the NeerjaBhanot Trust, Chandigarh that was made in honour of Neerja from the insurance amount provided by Pan Am Organization.