Chandigarh, OCTOBER 21- Sahar Gharachorlou, a Transformational Life Coach, is set to release her debut book today about her life experiences and life lessons in a thought provoking manner which can guide those who are in search of answers to the question – “Why Me?”

About the book

This book helps you to take charge of your life, identify your limiting patterns and break through them.It busts every myth you were ever told about positive thinking, religion, gurus, heaven, hell and even god. It shares profound wisdom which has been kept away from mankind. It shows the way to become the master of your own life.

Speaking about the book, Sahar’s prayer is that; ‘this book to be a contribution to every reader and light the journey of fearless adventure and blissful living’.

“Twice Born is a fascinating read. It can only be written by someone who has undergone trials and tribulations and reached self-realization. A book worth Reading”.

Author and State Information Commissioner - PB, Mr. KhushwantSingh

About the author

Sahar Gharachorlouis a Life Coach who has dedicated 13 years of her life to guiding people, assisting them to find answers to the most heart wrenching question and heal their wounded selves. She has held over 400 workshops in the past decade, after she quit her job to answer the call of her “Soul”. She holds group therapies and has delivered numerous talks on metaphysical aspects of life. This book is her humble attempt to bring you the wisdom that changed her life, as also the lives of thousands of her students.