NEW DELHI,16.09.19-Instagram is the new darling of the fashion weeks. Providing fans with a first look or behind the scenes on Instagram has long been a central part of the social media strategy for the participating designers of any fashion week but now we have fashion week designed specifically for Instagram, replacing the standard fashion week experience.

The idea is to stitch the images from the shoot into a long, horizontal scroll, and then upload them to Instagram as a series of “tiles.” The end result: A first ever Instagram fashion week. IFFD’s India Runway Week, Instagram edition that will effectively hacks the Instagram design in order to create a full-screen, immersive experience will be the first fashion week implementation on the social media platform.

“It’s so strange that fashion week influence everyone yet they are exclusive for certain group of individuals to experience it. To me that doesn’t make sense,” Avinash Pathania Founder IFFD says, experimenting first ever Instagram fashion week “I love the inclusiveness of Instagram.”

Stating on this digital-first strategy, Kiran Kheva, fashion director said “Instagram edition of India Runway Week will mark global change” which had its debut in 2013. She added “ In our 11 season of standard fashion week show playbooks we have always broke many fashion week tradition and always tried to reach out to masses whether making shopping mall as a venue for the event or doing this special Instagram edition and I should also admit that we always got benefited in breaking them”

The India Runway Week Instgram edition shows goes live from 12th September 2019 to 15th September 2019, the benchmarked event will witness around 35 designers which includes Siddharth Tytler, Ashima Leena, Poonam Dubey, Nikhita Tandon, Kaaisha by Shalini, Niki Mahajan, Anjalee Arjun Kapoor, Manish Gupta for label Ekam, Ashfaque Ahmad, Varija Bajaj, Bani Khurana, and many others.