A Review of Dr. Ajit Singh Puri’s Book:

“Speaking of How to Prevent Common Diseases” By

Dr. Jaswant Singh Puri, Doctor of Letters(Honoris Causa)
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Patiala,09.08.19-Dr. Ajit Singh Puri’s book “Speaking of How to Prevent Common Diseases” is a comprehensive health guide for the prevention of numerous serious ailments and combat fatal diseases. Dr. Ajit Singh Puri himself is a well read and known personality who showed his devotion and deep involvement to write this remarkable book in simple, spontaneous and well-knit language so that even a common reader is well acquainted with the on-set of symptoms, prevention and fight common diseases by developing healthy life style to lead a disease-free life. Dr. Ajit Singh Puri himself being MBBS, MD (Clinical Medicine) from the Government Medical College, Amritsar and Patiala attempted to write up a book that contains many common and serious diseases like allergy, cardiology, diabetes and many other disorders. He made an earnest attempt to create realization among the masses so as to widen their horizon about diseases. This book on varied hues of topics is an encyclopedia-in-miniature so that people at large find it easy to read and seek the true and authentic information in a result oriented manner to get rid of diseases. It really deserves appreciation on the part of Dr. Ajit Singh Puri that he did not confine his knowledge to himself but put it up in black-and-white in a simple and subtle presentation for the common good of all the people whether a layman or a professional in medical science. He has done his specializations in cardiology, applied neurology in the United Kingdom. “The book has been acclaimed world- wide for enlightening world citizens to lead a reasonable disease – free life” (Indian Express)

Dr. Puri has put in a lot of hard-work in pursuit of his mission. He has been to various countries like the UK the USA, Switzerland, Canada, Holland, Austria, West Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Luxemburg, Sri Lanka, Nepal a number of times for imbibing the spirit of mass awareness and awakening so as to acquaint the masses in the areas of his specializations. He had the honor to participate in the seminars of the General Medical Council, London, the Jephcott Lecture and Reception of the Royal Society of Medicine in London; the Autumn Scientific meeting of the North of England Neurological Association. He has also the distinction to work as a visiting member of the faculty of the Newcastle General Hospital in U.K. He has also visited various foreign universities, hospitals – the George Washington University Hospital (USA), University of New Castle Upon Tyne, the Charring Cross Hospital London, the University of Sheffield (UK) and has conversed face to face with well-known medical specialists and had interactive sessions on various essential topics of diverse nature. He also visited the University of Colombo (Sri Lanka), The Toronto General Hospital (Canada) in search of his quest for knowledge and spread it to all to heal the sick.

The book really deserves accolades. Its foreword has been written by Lord Walton of Detchant, TD, MA, MD, DSc, FRCP and Former Professor of Neurology and Dean of Medicine - University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Former President, British Medical Association, Royal Society of Medicine and General Medical Council, Former Warden, Green College, Oxford, former President, World Federation of Neurology.

He has described Dr. Puri with so many qualifying qualities as “a dedicated, enthusiastically caring physician.” He further writes about Dr. Puri that “he believes properly that clinical medicine is concerned not just with diagnosis and management but also with disease prevention.” He congratulates Dr. Puri for his energy and initiative.

The book has proved beneficial for the commoners and the professionals alike whose first two editions have been appreciated worldwide in thirty-six countries. It inspires us that we should keep our body in good health which is our duty. Otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. Health is a precious asset which we must recognize and appreciate it and for good health and its appreciation, here is Dr. Ajit Singh Puri’s book that unfolds the causes, symptoms, precautions and preventions right from the fatal cancer to coronary diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, uric acid, diseases of the nervous system, tuberculosis, allergy and bronchial asthma, diseases of the abdomen, kidneys, endocrine diseases like thyroid, leprosy, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases an many old age ailments. Moreover, Dr. Puri had taken pains to explain the ill effects of smoking and tobacco chewing, alcoholism, obesity related diseases, sudden cardiac collapse. He has also apprised the people with various clinical tests for the detection of various common diseases, urgent and necessary steps for first aid to prevent and control some common serious onset of ailments. Above all, he has added special subject on essential dietary measures for the prevention of common serious diseases. Even an appendix on exercise has also been added that plays a significant role in maintaining sound health, improving bone density and preventing osteoporosis, controlling blood sugar levels and so on. Infect exercise is panacea for all diseases and it should be carried out keeping in view one’s own state of health. The foundation of success in life is good health and the basis of happiness. There should be an active will and impulse towards good health.

Dr Ajit Singh Puri ,Recipient of Doctor of Medicine, after served for more than Two decades, retired as Chief Medical Officer & Medical Advisor from Punjabi University,Patiala.Dr Puri is presently practicing Medicine at his personal hospital located on Government Ayurvedic College Road,Patiala and associated with K.S.Puri memorial hospital located at Puri Lodge,Puri Road,Patiala,Punjab,India.

Dr.Ajit Singh Puri & Shrimati Alka Puri was blessed with only child Dr.Jaswant Singh Puri recipient of Doctor of Letters(Honoris Causa) & Punjab Rattan is serving as Honorary Media Advisor,Global Mass Awareness Programme on Common but Fatal Disease Prevention founded by Dr.Ajit Singh Puri.The Programme is running in more than Thirty Six countries of the World,appreciated by the World Health Organisation,under the auspices of the United Nations.