Chandigarh, 15.08.19-Jassi Kaur was born on 06.08.1989 at Chandigarh, City Beautiful of India, studied in St Xavier Sr. Sec School, had very artistic peculiarities & creative nature. Belonging to a very religious Sikh Family having, her mother, one brother and they are three sisters, could develop the art of Anchor Ship, Modelling, which had lead her to become as an Hollywood Actress due to her enchanting personality, possessing of beautiful complexion, attractive features, a height of 5’ 5”, a figure of 34.28.36 with hobbies of Reading and Dancing.

Jassi Is marching towards a very bright future having few Punjabi Films in hand and above all Jassi had been adjudged as dedicated actress and will further touch the skies as a successful film actress in days to come.

Really Chandigarh City feels proud to claim that Jassi was born, educated & groomed here.