GURGAON, 08.07.19-Variety retail has emerged as one of the fast-growing categories in today’s time. Given the increased consciousness of consumers towards fashion and lifestyle and an increase in brands preference, has increased the demand for imported designer products at affordable price.

In recent few years India has witnessed many global brands entering Indian post government decision to allow foreign direct investment. With entrants of many global giants, India has also witnessed sudden growth of a new categories of brands in value segments globally known as variety retail dollars store. We have seen entry of many global brands in India like Miniso, Mumuso, Beccos and 2358 etc.

These global brands leaving footprints across country. Can Indian companies take on the challenge to build brands that scale up to global eminence

Pankaj Chopra, Group MD and founder of an Indian originated leading brands DaySo said that "With the entry of global brands in India variety retail categories have been refined in India".

DaySo challenging global brands established with its strong footprints and competitive merchandise at affordable price in India.

The rise of organised retail in the form on global e-commerce platforms like Amazon, presents an opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs and polity to build Indian and global brands. For this, India has a distinct advantage in terms of its large managerial talent which is good at creativity, and understands the large mass of global millennials.

The brand DaySo is owned by Indian start-up and the supply chain is led by Indian entrepreneurs.

"A brand must concentrate on consumer markets that it intends to capture. A substantial portion of the value in the Indian economy can be captured through rapid expansion plan we have" says Pankaj.

Started in month of Dec, 2018 DaySo has so far opened 6 company owned outlets spread over cities like Lucknow, Faridabad, Ambala, Delhi and Bhatinda.

While speaking on the concept Pankaj Chopra said 'DaySo proves to be a catalyst in happy shopping experience by bringing exquisite products that are meticulously handpicked from global gifting trends.

Keeping contentment as a fundamental, we plan on creating a global buying culture that prompts everyone to share small packets of happiness that bring-in moments of delight and exhilaration. We are also fully aware that uniqueness in general merchandise is gospel, and so we bloom by bestowing distinctive value to our products without compromising on quality. So, whenever you step in in DaySo, you will find the dearest of items that will help you fuel your satisfaction'.

At DaySo, we all come to work every day because we are driven by one true value; bringing happiness to people’s lives by creating products that make your eyes sparkle! Keeping you happy is what keeps us happy, and we joyfully indulge in this never-ending loop. This symbiotic gratification helps us in creating and curating innovative products from around the globe which predominantly have Indian-ness at their core.

Our gamut of lifestyle essentials does not only provide you with innumerable choices, but also hefty savings. Yes, at truly bare minimum costs, you can get your hands-on lively home décor, desirable stationery, lovely bags and baggage, interesting toys and entertainment products, beauty and cosmetic embellishments, magnificent digital accessories and much more. Lastly, DaySo flourishes by factoring-in its consumers’ shopping experience and pledges to create a culture of exemplary service that speaks of intelligence, health, leisure, quality, and creativity.

India has always been a country of celebration where many cultures, traditions, and values amalgamate to signify unprecedented diversity. This variety in-turn gives one a chance to showcase and recognize human emotions through a token of enduring expression. Right from Birthdays to Anniversaries, from Sorry Letters to Thank You Notes, From Corporate Gifts to Customized Presents, From Valentines to even Break Up Gifts, we never fall short of days or occasions to gift somebody, something. However, at DaySo we believe that expressing emotions are not caged to specific days and don’t need particular occasions. We at DaySo believe in the true power of GIFTING FOR NO REASON! So whenever you feel something right from the bottom of your heart, don’t wait for the perfect day or the perfect occasion, just walk into our store and we will take care of the rest.