Chandigarh, (Sunita Shastri), 13.04.19 - Nationally prestigious Women's Award in 2019, women proved that she was not weak, not less than anyone. Indian President and Indian President Awardee Socialist Ms Swaraj Grover Ms. Tejaswini Singh (Karni Project), Minu Anand, 35 Women Hockey Team India Captain Sheila Kaushal, Team Manager Indian Hockey Team, First Female Truck Diver from Himachal Pradesh The award was included in the winners. In the Bal Bhavan sector 23, the national guest of honor was conferred the guest Tapan Diwan, while the guest of honor was Chandigarh's Mayor Rajesh Kalia. Swaraj Grover, chairperson of the NGO, was the chief attraction of today's award ceremony, as a social worker, Swaraj claims that more than 2,800 married couples were added again at national and international level, Many widows and divorced women were rehabilitated, without dowry marriages, preventing child marriage, resolving domestic violence cases and working on issues such as female feticide. Swaraj has served in China, Europe (Holland), Mauritius, Suriname , Guyana and Washington, Nepal, London (UK), Melbourne (Australia) and participated in international seminars for their achievements and social activities. Time has been awarded again and again, as a result of a vibrant women's movement in the last 50 years, the policies of advancing human rights for women in India are adequate and forward thinking, such as the Domestic Violence Act (2005), and 73rd of the Constitution And 74th Amendment Providing reservation for women to enter politics at panchayat levels. Chandigarh-based NGO InfoPark Education Society honored 73 women from across India, Those who go ahead to tap on their leadership capabilities, cooperate, salute the women who initiate the Centric Start Ups. They said. There is no doubt that the coming age is of women, and women can achieve any milestone with strong will and determination.