New Delhi, October 5, 2018: Women these days are stepping out of the traditional routines and following their heart’s calling. Brimming with enthusiasm and excitement to travel the world, a rapidly increasing number of women are leaving their workstations behind and embarking on heart pumping adventures across the world. Mojhi, an adventure marketplace, is celebrating this spirit of women taking up adventure activities by creating specialized packages for them. Now, women solo travelers can choose from an array of adventures such as a Safari in Kruger or a Kilimanjaro trek. What makes these adventures special is that starting this year, Mojhi is organizing 4 “women only” adventure departures to Africa every year. To step up safety and the concept of “women only”, accommodation facilities provided on these packages are private and not on a sharing basis.

Safety being the biggest concern for women, these specialized departures are curated African tours that are only open to women and will even be led by a female guide. In the previous year, there has been significant rise in the number of Indian women traveling to South Africa. Clearly, the concept of women traveling is gaining momentum in India. Expecting a trailblazing growth in the segment, Mojhi is diversifying its offerings to beyond Africa as well.

Commenting on these “Women-only” adventures, Mr. Vishwanathan Raju, Co-founder & Head of Marketing, Mojhi, said “It’s an initiative to promote and celebrate solo travel amongst women. With “women-only” adventures, we are striving to empower women in the sector of adventure tourism as well as cater to women from other sectors. Why do they need a man to guide them on an adventure tour when they can lead and protect themselves better? Now, they can feel their freedom, and enjoy the thrills of adventure all by themselves.”

About Mojhi

Mojhi is an online marketplace for the adventure enthusiasts and hodophiles where they can find the easy way to book the suitable outdoor travel package online. Mojhi currently operates in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Dubai, East Africa and Southern African countries. The company is a blended effort of four white water kayakers; Bhavpreet Singh, Greeshmanth Koganti (CEO), Naveen Shetty (co-founder, head of operations), Viswanath Raju (Co-founder & head of Marketing). They started the venture in 2015 with the aim of making adventure booking as simple as possible. It is a rapidly growing firm expanding with 3 destinations to 12 destinations over the past one year. The company recorded the gross transaction value of 45 crores (approx) in 2017.