New Delhi,18.07.18-Whether reading a book or spending quality time with your family and friends in the summer, nothing beats a cool escapade by the pool. . Cerulean, the new poolside lounge at Azaya beach Resort Goa is designed to be the ideal ‘anytime destination’ for refreshments on the go or while lounging around the pool. The easy breezy lounge features a refreshing beverage menu that includes an array of thirst-quenchers, from healthy tropical drinks to frosty, flavored frozen margaritas and cocktails.

The menu has been designed to keep the discerning tastes of guests in mind and offers a wide range of interesting dishes including fresh salads like the grilled watermelon, cherry tomato and feta with pomegranate quinoa salad or the signature Azaya Caesar Salad with a twist, artisanal burgers and sandwiches like the Azaya Club Sandwich created with a multigrain sourdough bread, avocado and seasonal veggies with apple slaw, our in-house pizzeria featuring classics like the Margherita with Bocconcini or the Marinara-an original seafood pizza from Napoli for the slightly more adventurous palate to an enviable selection of desserts including monster shakes, ice creams and indulgent baked goodies for the kids.

The carte du jour is crafted using robust and farm fresh ingredients. Your one-stop high end delicatessen with an astounding view is based on the idea of lounging around the pool for a truly susegad experience. It also functions as a convenience store where guests can buy and stock their mini bar.

The whole poolside experience of Cerulean is enhanced with Azaya’s signature services and contemporary ambiance.