NEW DELHI,08.07.18-While a holiday in a foreign locale seems to be the obvious choice with the urban Indian travelers, there are a myriad ways to beat the heat in our very own South Goa. It’s the other end of the beach paradise, the laidback, prodigious belt where one can literally melt their worries into the golden sands. We recommend one such contemporary and fun-loving Beach Resort in South Goa that will offer you the amenities of any top-rated facility, personalised services and luxe experiences – just what one wants for a memorable holiday. And if you are planning a luxury trip with your buddies, you cannot afford to miss AZAYA Beach Resort Goa.

Distinctively located right on the pristine white sands of Benaulim beach with unparalleled views of the Goa shoreline, Azaya Beach Resort offers a wide selection of rooms to suit your needs. But, the highlight of the resort is its private plunge pool rooms. Perfect for a bigger group, its key features include a well-stocked bar and a private pool. You can have your own private pool party in your room, get tipsy and kick up a storm – without worrying about your neighbours! The rooms are designed to ensure you have a rollicking time and get your privacy as well. Redefining lifestyle within the hospitality industry, Azaya has also given a fresh spin to the mundane mini bar. It’s a grand closet, with a Portuguese-inspired designer veneer that opens into a spectacular treasure of single malts, vintage spirits, over 20 liquor glasses (think Martinis and more), aerated beverages, elegant bar accessories and a beautiful tea/coffee set-up. Parties in the private plunge rooms are clearly amplified by this unique poolside experience.
All the rooms at Azaya are exclusively designed to provide a luxurious yet a fuss-free and contemporary experience. With white sands reaching the doorsteps, breathtaking ocean views, and unique sand dining experiences. Azaya is the place for celebrations.