CHANDIGARH, 29th September 2022 | In the recent episodes of Nayan Jo Vekhe Unvekha, we saw that Devansh has duly accepted Nayan as his wife, which has now filled Jasmine with more hatred as she was going to marry Devansh soon.

In today’s episode, Nayan will be seen saving Darji when Jasmine intentionally tries to throw him off the stairs. Moreover, Jasmine takes a stubborn decision of leaving Devansh's house after she witnesses him and Nayan together in his room. Since their wedding has been finalized, Devansh has started having romantic feelings for Nayan which has made Jasmine feel jealous with each passing incident.

Will Rita stop Jasmine from leaving the house? Or Devansh will decide to let her go and remarry Nayan? To watch this amazing episode, don't forget to stay tuned to Zee Punjabi at 8:30 PM for Nayan- Jo Vekhe Unvekha.