MUMBAI,21st November 2021 -Zee Punjabi is all set to launch its new show, 'Tere Dil Vich Rehen De' which will be telecasted from Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm. We Indians, no matter how modernised we have become, there are some families still living with the mindset that children should remain in what their parents say.

Is it wrong to choose your own partner? Well, that was till the years of 80s or 90s, when it was in the family's consent to whom the child will marry. But now the time has changed and parents give their children the freedom to make their own choice.

Well, the show not only highlights the culture or the orthodontist family but also depicts the values of the new generation, who are duly concerned about the goodwill of their friends and families. The NRI girl, Sam comes to Punjab with the thought to reunite her mother, Gurleen and grandmother, Kamaljeet Kaur aka Biji. Due to an incident in the past, Biji parted ways from Gurleen.

Now, after so many years, when Gurleen is not well, Sam wants to decrease the gap between the mother and daughter, bringing them closer to each other.

'Tere Dil Vich Rehen De' will be telecasted on 22nd November 2021, Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm.